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türk çayı

turkish breakfast & turkish tea

Arda Deveci 17 Ekim 2023
Turkish Breakfast & Turkish Tea

Turkish breakfast consists of a wide range of cooked and uncooked foods that are nutritious and delicious. Turkish people start the day with breakfast and can sometimes skip lunch thanks to the filling and nutritious quality of traditional Turkish breakfast. 

A typical Turkish breakfast menu includes a variety of cheeses such as kaşar cheese, a medium-hard pale yellow sheep milk, beyaz peynir, also known as Turkish white cheese, and lor, or Turkish curd. 

Turkey is one of the top olive producing nations in the world, so olive, both green and black, has become an indispensable element on the Turkish breakfast table. Also consumed are butter, kaymak or Turkish clotted cream, several types of jams but especially ones made of abundantly homegrown fruits such as figs, quinces, apples, and apricots; pastries such as börek, boyoz, poğaça, and simit; menemen, a tomato and egg frittata with spices and pepper.

Also chopped fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and green peppers as well as some fresh herbs like parsley. 

Turkish Tea at Breakfast Table

Turkish people start making breakfast by preparing the tea first. Turkey is one of the biggest black tea-drinking nations in the world along with England and Ireland, so they developed their authentic tea makers and tea utensils. Turkish tea is made with Turkish tea makers. A Turkish tea maker consists of two pots: one for infusing tea and one for the boiled water. The teapot is smaller than the bottom pot and it comes with an infuser which also serves a strainer. 

One thing about Turkish tea and Turkish tea making is that the teapot set is never taken off the burning stove. The bottom pot is refilled with water as the water evaporates. Turkish people mix the infused tea and boiled water in the teacup, not before! First, you pour the tea and then water. And they keep drinking tea until or after they are full. In the Black Sea region of Turkey, people keep hot tea at all times during the day, and they might even drink black tea after dinner as one of the many health benefits of black tea is aiding digestion.

Black tea is also a common offering and treats to a guest in the Turkish house, just like coffee in the West. Turkish people never add milk to their tea as the British do. However, some Turks enjoy their black tea with lemon wedges. A newer tradition is adding cardamom to black tea, which increases black tea’s pro-digestion properties. 

Turkish people drink herbal tea as well and the most consumed herbal teas in Turkey are linden and rosehip tea for their health benefits rather than their taste. Linden and rosehip are followed by hibiscus and sage teas.

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