Why do I need Luna Electric Tea Kettle?

Luna Electric Tea Kettle is not an ordinary kettle that only boils water. It has other useful features in addition to boiling water. It has 7 preset functions that heat the water to the specific needs of different types of drinks such as black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong tea, herbal infusion, and boiled water for any other purpose.

Moreover, it holds water at the desired temperature for up to 60 minutes if you are busy with something else. Or, you can have a 2nd cup of drink directly without waiting for a 2nd boil.

Luna Electric Tea Kettle also has a large capacity of 1.7 liters, which can yield 7 to 8 cups of drink at once.

Adding its rubber handle’s comfortable grip, its complete stainless steel body, and its sleek design to the features above makes Luna Electric Kettle superior to any other kettle on the market.

What is the capacity of Luna Electric Tea Kettle?

The capacity of Luna Electric Tea Kettle is 60 oz (1.75 L), a little bit over 7 cups.

How accurately does Luna Electric Tea Kettle measure the temperature?

Luna Electric Tea Kettle comes with a S1 PID controller for ultimate temperature accuracy. The S1 PID controller constantly monitors the temperature, and adjusts the heating element to make water reach and maintain the desired temperature as efficiently as possible. Its error range is +/-3°F.

What is the minimum temperature that I can heat up the water with the Luna Electric Tea Kettle?

You can heat up the water up to a temperature between 104°F - 212°F (or up to the boiling point of your latitude) with the Luna Electric Tea Kettle. 

Does Luna Electric Tea Kettle measure the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius?

Luna Electric Tea Kettle measures the temperature both in degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius depending on your preference. So, you no longer need Google to convert the degrees since your kettle does that for you. To change the temperature display from Fahrenheit to Celsius or vice versa, press and hold the TEMPERATURE INCREASE  and DECREASE buttons (+ and - symbols on the display) at the same time for 2 seconds.

Is Luna Electric Tea Kettle quick in heating up the water?

Yes, Luna Luna Electric Tea Kettle has an impressively fast heating time. The heating element is 1500 watts and tuned for heating up the water very fast. So, 4 cups of hot water for your coffee or tea will be ready in less than three minutes with Luna Electric Tea Kettle in the mornings.

What does the red light at the base of Luna Electric Tea Kettle indicate?

The smart light ring at the base of Luna Electric Tea Kettle indicates the heating status. The red light has a pulsing effect while it is heating up the water to the desired temperature, and it goes into a steady glowing phase as soon as the water reaches the desired temperature.

Why is the handle of the Luna Electric Tea Kettle made of?

The handle is made of industrial grade rubber to provide a strong grip and to protect you from any burn while serving tea.

What are the features of Luna Electric Tea Kettle’s display?

Luna Electric Tea Kettle has a 0.96" (128x64 px) OLED display. OLED technology provides deepest black, highest contrast ratio and a wide viewing angle (180°). The OLED display shows current and goal temperatures, and also the symbol of current process.

What are the three holes seen on top of Luna Electric Tea Kettle?

The three holes seen on top of Luna Electric Tea Kettle are vent holes. Placing these vent holes on the body is a very smart design that allows the water vapor to go out in order to prevent both a build-up of pressure in the kettle, and rattling, clunking and crackling sounds. The location of the holes has also been adjusted in such a way that the vapor stream does not cause any scald to your hand.

Why does it take too long for the Luna Electric Tea Kettle to reach 212 degrees Fahrenheit in the final part of heating even though the temperature rises at a normal pace at first?

Luna Electric Tea Kettle uses high technology S1 PID controller to eliminate the swinging in the temperature. S1 PID decreases the power supplied to the heater as the temperature approaches the target you set. That is why the final part of heating takes longer.

Why does the temperature on the Luna Electric Tea Kettle’s display not reach the boiling point, 212 degrees Fahrenheit, even though the water boils?

It is the case for all electric kettles because boiling point changes with the altitude. It is highest at sea level and decreases with altitude. Therefore, electric kettles cannot reach temperatures higher than the boiling point of the related elevation.

If Luna Electric Tea Kettle does not reach 212°F, the boiling point of your region may be lower than that. In this case, please check the altitude of your region from the Internet and refer to the chart below to learn the related boiling point, which is the maximum temperature you can see on the display regarding the altitude of your location.


How long can Luna Electric Tea Kettle hold the water at the desired temperature?

Luna Electric Tea Kettle holds the water at the desired temperature for 60 minutes. As soon as the water reaches the desired temperature, Luna Electric Kettle automatically goes into hold function and maintains the water temperature for up to 60 minutes.

What if I forgot to turn off the Luna Electric Tea Kettle?

Luna Electric Kettle has an automatic shut-off function that cuts in after 60 minutes of inactivity to prevent any accidents which may result from forgetting to turn the kettle off. Therefore, your device will automatically turn off after 60 minutes of temperature hold time finishes.

What if I turn on the Luna Electric Tea Kettle without adding water into it?

Luna Electric Kettle has a “boil-dry protection” function to prevent you from turning it on without water. So, it does not start working and warns you by making a beep sound and reading “No Water” on its display, even if you turn it on without adding sufficient water. In this case, let it cool down for 10 minutes before reusing it.

Can I heat milk or other liquids in the Luna Electric Tea Kettle?

No. Luna Electric Kettle is designed and manufactured only for boiling water, not any other liquid. However, Luna Luna Electric Tea Kettle offers you more flexibility than ordinary kettles since, in addition to boiling water, it can heat it up to the necessary temperature for the specific needs of special teas or coffees. It also has a temperature hold function to keep the water at the desired temperature for up to 60 minutes.

Why does the screen read 'No Water' and not respond to anything even though the Luna Electric Tea Kettle has water?

This is an important precaution taken to protect you and your product. When faced with this situation, follow the related steps below depending on the cause of the problem:

  1. If there is not enough water in the Luna Adjustable Temperature Electric Kettle, then add more water to it and try again. There should be water at least until the minimum level indicated inside the kettle.
  2. If there is enough water but you still get a "No Water" warning, this means that the communication between the kettle and the base is blocked. There might be two possible reasons for this blockage:
  • There might be some particles between the connectors at the bottom of the kettle (five rings). So, please ensure that there are no particles between them, and if any, clean such particles.
  • One or more of the connectors might be exposed to water. So, the connectors should be cleaned and dried with a dry cloth. Leaving the kettle and base apart to dry for a few hours remedies the issue completely. To prevent it from happening again, please do not wash the outside of the kettle under tap water, just wipe it with a damp cloth.

Getting the "No Water" sign may cause the device to lock itself. In this case, please reset the kettle by unplugging and then plugging it in again.

If none of these solutions resolve the issue, contact SAKI customer service.

How can I descale Luna Electric Tea Kettle?

It is important to descale electric kettles regularly for them to continue working as properly and efficiently as in the beginning. Regular descaling increases the product life cycle and allows the kettle to boil water faster with less energy.

Scale is naturally occurring buildup of mineral deposits caused by impurities in water, especially hard water. For best performance, you should descale Luna Adjustable Temperature Electric Kettle every 4-8 weeks or whenever you realize scale built up inside. In order to descale Luna Adjustable Temperature Electric Kettle, you can follow one of the following methods:

  1. Use a descaling solution specifically produced for kettles and follow the instruction on the descaling solution package.
  2. If you do not want to use any chemical for descaling, make it with white vinegar following the instructions below:
  • Fill the Luna Adjustable Temperature Electric Kettle with half water and half white vinegar.
  • Let it sit for 30 minutes.
  • Pour the solution into the sink and rinse the kettle thoroughly with clean water.
  • Repeat this process until all of the scale is removed.

Is using an electric kettle safe for health?

Using an electric kettle is safe for health as long as it is made of glass or stainless steel. Plastic electric kettles are not recommended due to the risk of leaching of some harmful chemicals into the water. In no part of Luna Adjustable Temperature Electric Kettle is plastic or silicone used. Therefore, it is completely safe for health.

What materials are used in Luna Electric Tea Kettle?

The body of Luna Electric Tea Kettle and its lid are made of 18-8 stainless steel, also known as Type 304 (304 Grade). This is to say that there is no plastic or silicon in contact with water in the Luna Electric Kettle. The handle is made of rubber for a strong grip.

What certifications does Luna Electric Tea Kettle?

Luna Electric Kettle is ETL and FCC certified.

How much does Luna Electric Tea Kettle weigh?

It is 3.1 lb (1.4 kg).

What are the dimensions of Luna Electric Tea Kettle?

The base has a dimension of 7" (17.8 cm) in width and 8.5" (21.6 cm) in depth, and the kettle itself is 10.5" (26.7) in height.

Which plug type does Luna Electric Tea Kettle have?

Luna Electric Tea Kettle has Type-B plug, and uses 120 V and 60 Hz AC electricity, in compliance with the standards in the USA and Canada. You must have a transformer to use Luna Adjustable Temperature Electric Kettle with different mains voltages (220-240V). Just a plug converter will not be sufficient if you live in a different region.

How long is the Luna Electric Tea Kettle's power cord?

The Luna Electric Tea Kettle’s power cord is 3.2 ft (97.5 cm).

How much electricity does Luna Electric Tea Kettle use?

In fact, electric kettles consume a lot of energy ranging from 1.2 kWh to 3 kWh. Luna Electric Kettle consumes 1.5 kWh, which is a low-moderate level consumption among the electric kettles on the market.

How long is the warranty on Luna Electric Tea Kettle?

Luna Electric Tea Kettle has a manufacturer warranty for 2 years, but you can extend it for 3 years by registering your kettle on our website following this link.  A warranty of 3 years outruns most of Luna’s competitors in the market.

Where is Luna Electric Tea Kettle manufactured?

The manufacturer of Luna Electric Tea Kettle, SAKI is a family-owned company that specializes in application of smart technology into kitchen appliances, and located in Irvine, CA. It is designed in California, USA, developed in the SAKI R&D lab, and manufactured in PRC.

What is the screw-like part inside the Luna Electric Tea Kettle?

It is not a screw but a thermal sensor probe that provides all temperature information to the microprocessor in the base. The microprocessor cuts off the electric power when the water temperature reaches the boiling point and then controls the temperature hold function for 60 minutes.

What should I do if I get the 'NTC Short-NTC Fail' sign on display?

If you get the "NTC fail/NTC short" sign on display, it means the communication between the kettle and the base is blocked. When faced with this situation, follow the related steps below depending on the cause of the problem:

1.    The connectors at the bottom of the kettle (five rings under the kettle) should be checked to ensure that there are no particles between them, and if any, such particles should be cleaned.

2.    If one of the connectors is exposed to water, the connectors should be cleaned and dried with a cloth. The kettle should be put upside down apart from the base for 4-5 hours to remedy the issue completely. To prevent it from happening again, please do not wash the outside of the kettle under tap water, and only wipe it with a damp cloth.

Getting the "NTC fail/NTC short" sign may cause the device to lock itself. In this case, please reset the kettle by unplugging it and then plugging it back.

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Luna Sıcaklığı Ayarlanabilir Elektrikli Su Isıtıcısı

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Bu zarif ve havalı su ısıtıcısı sadece tezgahınızda harika görünmekle kalmaz, aynı zamanda en sevdiğiniz çayları ve kahveleri en güzel şekilde yapabilmeniz için ideal sıcaklık ayarlarını da bilir. Siyah, Yeşil, Beyaz, Oolong, Bitkisel Çay ve French press kahvesi için tek dokunuşla kullanabileceğiniz 7 ön ayarlı programla, istediğiniz içecek için her zaman en mükemmel ayarı seçebilirsiniz. Ya da tamamen farklı bir şey yapacaksanız da suyu hızlıca kaynatmayı da tercih edebilirsiniz.

Features Overview:

  • LED Işık Halkası Göstergesi
  • Tamamen paslanmaz çelik iç gövde
  • Isı geçirmeyen kauçuk kulplar
  • Anlık sıcaklık göstergesi
  • 60 dakika sıcak tutma
  • 7 önceden ayarlanmış demleme programı
  • 1,75 L kaynatma kapasitesi
  • 1500W ısıtma gücü
  • İstenen dereceye ayarlanabilir sıcaklık kontrolü
  • Uyarı açma/kapama fonksiyonu
Güç Kaynağı AC 120V, 60Hz
Maksimum güç 1500W
Kapasite 1,75 L
Sıcak Tutma 60 dakika
Ağırlık 5,7 lb / 2,5 kg
Kablo Uzunluğu 3,2 ft
Giriş Tipi Tip-B (ABD ve Kanada)
Malzeme 304 paslanmaz çelik gövde ve kapak
Garanti 2 Yıl
Sertifkasyonlar ETL uyumlu, FCC sertifikalı
ABD içinde ücretsiz kargo ABD içinde ücretsiz kargo
2 Yıl Garanti 2 Yıl Garanti
24 saatte sipariş tamamlama 24 saatte sipariş tamamlama
$110 $95
$15'e kadar tasarruf edin
  • Luna sıcaklık ayarlı elektrikli su ısıtıcısı
  • 1 adet paslanmaz çelik kapak
  • Akıllı dokunmatik kontrol panelli taban
  • Kireç çözme solüsyonu
60 Dakika Otomatik  Sıcak Tutma Modu
60 Dakika Otomatik
Sıcak Tutma Modu
Plastik İçermeyen  İç Kısım
Plastik İçermeyen
İç Kısım
Anlık Sıcaklık  Göstergesi
Anlık Sıcaklık
Otomatik  Kapanma
Susuz Kaynatma  Koruması
Susuz Kaynatma
Fahrenheit veya  Santigrat
Fahrenheit veya
Zarif Çay Saati
Luna Elektrikli Su Isıtıcısı dünyasına hoşgeldiniz

Zerafetin verimle buluştuğu yer

Şık ve kendine özgü tasarımıyla Luna Elektrikli Su Isıtıcısı, her mekana kusursuz bir şekilde uyum sağlar.

Where elegance meets efficiency
Toksik Olmayan, Tamamen Paslanmaz Çelik İç Mekan

Toksik Olmayan,
Tamamen Paslanmaz Çelik İç Mekan

İçlerine kimyasalların sızması konusunda endişelenmeden en sevdiğiniz içecekleri yapmak için kullanabileceğiniz tamamı paslanmaz çelik elektrikli su ısıtıcısıyla tanışın. Evet, kapağı bile birinci sınıf paslanmaz çelikten yapılmıştır. Luna elektrikli su ısıtıcısının bizim için sakladığı lezzet potansiyelini engelleyen hiçbir şey yoktur!

Toksik Olmayan, Tamamen Paslanmaz Çelik İç Mekan

Daha Fazla Kaynat, Daha Az Yenile
Yüksek Kapasite

1,75 litrelik yüksek kapasiteli Luna Elektrikli Su Isıtıcısı, tek seferde daha fazla su kaynatmanızı, bir fincandan çok daha fazla çay veya kahve hazırlamanızı ya da çok miktarda makarna veya yulaf ezmesi pişirmenizi sağlar.

1 üründe 7 farklı program. Sayısız olasılık.

1 üründe 7 farklı program. Sayısız olasılık.

Önceden programlanmış 7 farklı demleme ayarı ve istediğiniz dereceye ayarlanabilir sıcaklık kontrolü, her seferinde mükemmel bir dem için size parmaklarınızın ucunda sınırsız seçenek sunar.

Patentli gömülü paslanmaz çelik süzgeç

Mutfağınıza Şık Tasarımlı Bir Elektrikli Su Isıtıcısı

Luna Elektrikli Su Isıtıcısı, mutfakların vazgeçilmezi. Şık tasarımı, hem mutfağınızın çekiciliğini hem çay demleme keyfini artırır!

7 Tek Dokunuş Demleme Ön Ayarı

Luna Sıcaklık Ayarlı Elektrikli Su Isıtıcısı ile içecek deneyiminizi geliştirin! 7 adet tek dokunuşla kullanılabilen program ve özelleştirilebilir sıcaklık ayarlarıyla, her tür çay ve kahveyi en titiz insanları bile memnun edecek mükemmellikte yapabileceksiniz. Evinizde deneyimli bir barista ustalığında içecek hazırlamanın keyfini yaşayın!

Önceden Ayarlanmış Sıcaklık: 205°F

Siyah Çay Programı

Optimum lezzet ve aroma için önceden ayarlanmış bu programı kullanarak tek dokunuşla mükemmel lezzette siyah çay yapın.
Önceden Ayarlanmış Sıcaklık: 175°F

Yeşil Çay Programı

Önceden ayarlanmış bu programın sıcaklık kontrolü sayesinde, tek bir dokunuşla nefis kokulu yeşil çayın kilidini açın.
Önceden Ayarlanmış Sıcaklık: 185°F

Beyaz Çay Programı

Beyaz çayınızda ideal aromayı elde etmek için hazırlanmış bu programın sıcaklık kontrolü ile her seferinde mükemmel bir lezzetin keyfini çıkarın.
Önceden Ayarlanmış Sıcaklık: 195°F

Oolong Çayı Programı

Önceden ayarlanmış tek dokunuşla kullanabileceğiniz bu programla ideal aromanız sadece bir tık ötede. Zahmetsiz, aromatik bir fincan oolong çayının tadını çıkarın.
Önceden Ayarlanmış Sıcaklık: 210°F

Bitki Çayı Programı

Tek bir dokunuşla mükemmel bitki çayı aromasının tadını çıkarın. Önceden programlanmış sıcaklık kontrolümüz her seferinde ideal bir dem sağlar!
Önceden Ayarlanmış Sıcaklık: 200°F

Kahve Programı

Tek bir dokunuşla mükemmel bir kahvenin keyfine varın. En sevdiğiniz aromaya tahmin yürütmeye gerek kalmadan kolaylıkla ulaşın!
Önceden Ayarlanmış Sıcaklık: 205°F

Kaynatma Programı

Luna Sıcaklık Ayarlı Elektrikli Su Isıtıcısı ile içecek deneyiminizi geliştirin! 7 adet tek dokunuşla kullanılabilen program ve özelleştirilebilir sıcaklık ayarlarıyla, her tür çay ve kahveyi en titiz insanları bile memnun edecek mükemmellikte yapabileceksiniz. Evinizde deneyimli bir barista ustalığında içecek hazırlamanın keyfini yaşayın!

Tam kontrol sizde,
istenen dereceye kadar ayarlanabilir sıcaklık kontrolü

Artık sıcaklık üzerinde tüm kontrol sizde. Sadece ekrana dokunun ve 104°F - 212°F arasında istediğiniz herhangi bir dereceye hassasiyetle ayarlayın! Su ısıtıcısı sizin için tüm işi yapacak, yani 1-2-3 demek kadar kolay.

Su Isıtıcısı İleri Güvenlik Özellikleri

60 Dakika Otomatik Sıcak Tutma
Luna elektrikli su ısıtıcısı ile her zaman hazırsınız. Sıcaklığı ayarlayın ve bir saate kadar ılık suyun tadını çıkarın! Otomatik sıcak tutma özelliği, ihtiyaç duyduğunuz her an istediğiniz sıcaklıkta suyun hazır olmasını sağlar.
60 Dakika Otomatik Sıcak Tutma
Otomatik Kapanma
Otomatik kapanma fonksiyonuyla, su ısıtıcınız 60 dakikalık sıcak tutma modunun sonunda otomatik olarak kapanacaktır.
Otomatik Kapanma
Susuz Kaynatma Koruması
Bu fonksiyon, eğer su ısıtıcınızda su yoksa veya su kaynayarak biterse, su ısıtıcınızı ve ısıtma elemanını doğrudan kapatacaktır.
Susuz Kaynatma Koruması

Işık Halkası Göstergesi

Luna elektrikli su ısıtıcısı, mutfak tezgahınızı aydınlatmak için güzel bir şekilde parlamakla kalmayıp aynı zamanda suyunuzun hazır olduğunu da gösteren akıllı bir ışık halkasına sahiptir.

Sıcak Tutma Göstergesi

Şimşek Hızında Isıtma Süresi

1500 W gücündeki ısıtma elemanı ile Luna Elektrikli Su Isıtıcısı, suyu sadece birkaç dakika içinde kaynatır ve bu da onu piyasadaki en hızlı elektrikli su ısıtıcılardan biri yapar. İster çay, kahve veya diğer içecekler için sıcak suya ihtiyacınız olsun, Luna Elektrikli Su Isıtıcının hızlı ısıtma işlevi size zaman ve enerji tasarrufu sağlar.

Luna Sıcaklığı Ayarlanabilir Elektrikli Su Isıtıcısı
Luna Sıcaklığı Ayarlanabilir Elektrikli Su Isıtıcısı

57 Müşteri görüşleri
$110 $95
$110 $95

57 Müşteri görüşleri
Müşteri görüşleri
  • Renee M.

    Like it a lot!

  • May V.

    It's a nice great looking kettle and very simple to operate. The ine con is it smells of metal after boiling the water. Will give it a chance to go away.

  • Michael L.

    Have been told they’ll replace it, no updates after a few days though. Fingers crossed the new one doesn’t break as well, it’s a pretty weak connection point for a fitted lid.

  • Andy X.

    Looks great and heats well

  • John R.

    I like how it works. I like that it is all stainless steel. Not a 5 because there is a residual odor whenever it is heated (maybe the finish burning off) and it takes two hands to operate (though a flip lid might require plastic).

  • Robert W.

    As the title of this review indicates, we are very happy with this product. Functionally and aesthetically it is five stars. The manual and preset temperatures make it very convenient to brew and to hold The electrical cord is way too stiff, much stiffer than any other appliance we have. That uses 1600 warts or higher.

  • Michele C.

    After I received the tea kettle, I added water and boil water with no issues. After I tried to boil water the second time, an error came up saying no water is present even though the kettle was filled with water. On the third try to boil water, I received an error saying NTC SHORT. Waiting return information from Saki customer service representative.

  • Amrita D.

    The top is plastic. The water boils and the water vapour rises and the kettle stinks to the sky of plastic. Extremely bad design. Why on earth would you advertise a steel kettle and top it off with plastic?

  • Jennifer B.

    Order # 9536 Jennifer Baur finelines2@bigbend.net I loved the general design of the saki kettle but it did not beep when it reached boiling point which was at 205 degrees and not 212 - it never showed 212 just stayed between 205 and 208 but i could hear it boiling on the coffee setting the temp it beeped but the temp was only 180 degrees when I used my thermometer to test when I manually set the kettle for 110 degrees it beeped and the temp was 110 according to my thermometer

  • Stephen S.

    Feel horribly disappointed and ripped off because product was advertised as coffee along with tea but did not come with the accessories necessary to do that. Can never recommend and actually have not used and would be glad to return

  • Jonathan A.

    There is an off-putting odor that emanates from the kettle when it is hot. It does not appear to be the water because I've used both tap and filtered water from multiple sources in different states. The result is the same.

  • John q.

    Very good quality luna

  • Kirsty M.

    It heats water to a precise temp and looks nice. However, the lid is not easy to deal with and feels like it will deteriorate over time. Also, while new, the unit imparts a metallic flavor to the water. This is despite boiling and discarding the first several full pots as per the instructions that came with the unit. If it fails I will not buy it again, but will not replace it until then unless the water fails quality tests that I will get around to in the near future.

  • Aaron R.

    After a few months of use, I'm happy to say this kettle works well, heats water quickly, and shows no signs of wear and tear. Only improvement would be a way to turn off the one hour temperature hold globally, so it simply turns off when it reaches the desired temperature, instead of having to manually turn off the one hour hold.

  • Taylor H.

    I love this kettle. I've only tried goose-neck kettles before but they pour so slowly and don't hold enough water to fill up my 16oz mug twice without refilling. I'm an avid tea drinker and enjoy the different temp. settings. I do often forget that I don't have to hold the power to turn on like you do when you go to turn it off. I also like how nice it looks. It was difficult to find a sleek kettle with parallel function. Overall I'm very happy with this purchase and recommend for anyone.

  • Mark C.

    I really like the kettle, but the CORD ! I have had numerous eKettles and other high wattage devices but the power cord on this kettle is twice as thick as anything I have ever seen. Additionally, the cord is quite rigid and prevents easily positioning of the base.

  • Nicolas M.

    We looked hard for a kettle that was all stainless steel for the heating chamber, lid, and spout. Most kettles will only give you one or two out of three. The Luna heats fast, keeps temperature well, and is easy to use. The only drawback is that it is too large to heat water for a single cup (it thinks there is no water in the kettle).

  • Mary W.

    Given as a gift but person will not open until birthday which hasn’t happened yet. However, I’m sure birthday person will love it!

  • Michael R.

    Just replaced a bodum kettle that could only get up to 180°. Really enjoy the quality of this kettle that heats fast and quiet., just the swipe of a finger starts to cuddle. This kettle is built to last. Has made my coffee drinking much more enjoyable. Highly recommend Barry.

  • teri f.

    The control panel, the handle, the all-stainless quality are excellent. The cord is unwieldy and it's louder than I expected when heating. Overall, happy with purchase.

  • pablo m.


  • Trav F.

    honestly considering returning it. I want to be able to heat just the water I want to use but the 'boil dry' function wont allow me to boil less than 1.5 mugs full of water. It's also oddly slow, it overshoots the temperature you set it at and then takes a long time to cool down. Also whenever you need to press buttons to do anything it's very slow to respond. Too much of a computer

  • Cynthia B.

    The kettle came as described. So far so good. The kettle heats quickly and the pre-determined temps are so very helpful. The keeping warm feature is super handy. Read a review from this month and really hope the kettle doesn’t let me down, as the review stated it stopped working after 30 days and out of warranty. I do really like the kettle, and keeping my fingers crossed because it’s pretty awesome.

  • Alan K.

    Love it.

  • Mark B.


  • Pam

    This is a great kettle: large capacity, very easy to use, sleek design! It's much better than small-size and thin-stream Fellow kettles.

  • Jacklyn

    It's a bit expensive but it is well worth it. It's a high quality kettle with temperature control and stanless steel body.

  • John

    It's a great kettle. It isn't noisy. I can set the temperature as I want. I am very happy with it.

  • David B.

    Well built and quality looking kit. Initially I was not impressed with the plastic top on the metal lid of the kettle at this price point. However after using it I can tell if the lid was all metal it would probably be too hot to handle after heating up. Not so when handling the top plastic part of the lid. Speaking of heating up it does get loud for a brief time as it heats up but quickly settles down. I don’t have a problem with the cord length in my setting but see how it might be for others. The cord is quite stiff though and heavy duty gauge like a microwave oven cord. That makes it a bit unwieldy to deal with when first setting up. The kettle exterior is not stay cool when heated. Not an issue in my home. I really like the feel of the rubberized handle on the kettle and ease of pouring. It heats up fast and it’s a breeze to change temperature settings if needed. I just wish it had a way to view the water level without having to remove the lid but that’s a minor quibble that I was aware of prior to purchase. I’ve put it through it’s paces for a couple of weeks now and I’m happy with it’s performance. I would recommend to friends.

  • Tim

    It is very nice. Very well packaged. Heats up very quickly.

  • Bill F.

    First electric kettle, and I like literally everything about it. - Special shoutout to the person who designed the spout. The pour is impeccable for such a large capacity and such a small spout, at both slow and fast flow rates. I haven't had even a single drop slide down the side. - Handle is sturdy and comfortable, unlike a cheap plastic. - UI is no-frills and simple to use. Thank you for including a mute function and non-preset mode, and more importantly that the settings are remembered between uses. - And arguably most importantly, it boils water really fast. And it's a looks good as a permanent countertop fixture. Can't speak to the longevity yet. Build quality of the kettle and design of the base are top-notch, so hopefully the internal electronics are of similar quality.

  • Gina

    After using many kettles, this one became our favorite. We like camping and drinking different types of tea. This kettle has presets for them all. It works perfectly well. We don't need Keurigs anymore.

  • Wes S.

    It’s a very nice water boiler. The inside has a laser engraved markings and the outside fit and finishes nice. I subtracted a star because the sensitivity of the touch screen is not that great

  • Michael S.

    Love it.

  • Carol

    It is a professional kettle. Its preset temperatures work perfectly to make different types of tea and coffee. It keeps the water warm for up to one hour. The handle is comfortable and stays cool. It is easy to grip the kettle and pour. The lid doesn’t come off while pouring and the spout doesn’t drip. It looks stylish, too. The control panel shows the current and target temperatures, so you always predict how much time it will take to reach the target. There is also an alarm telling you the water reaches the temperature. I highly recommend this kettle to quality lovers!

  • John P.

    So far we have brewed about 12 cups of tea (2 at a time) in our new kettle. In our old kettle we never took the lid off and used the spout to pour in the water which we measured by judging the weight in our hand. Not here. The marks showing cups and Liters on the inside are easy to read. We dropped one star because it is not double-walled which means its sides get hot. Less expensive kettles often feature double walls for this reason and so does my French press. We like the timing feature but I don't see us using the hold feature very much. the double wall would obviate the need for it anyway. We just wanted a kettle with no plastic in touch with the water and a fast heating time. Picture would not upload beyond 90% Is there a size limitation?

  • nadiia p.

    This kettle, looks great, feels great and heats great! I love it, the only thing steering me away from it was the brand name ( Saki literally translates as “pee” to Russian). So glad I bought it despite the name😅

  • Tashina S.

    I’ve been on the search for an electric kettle that could fill a large french press, without any plastic parts. It boils water quickly and quietly. I couldn’t be happier!

  • Jason I.

    Love the rubber on the handle. Love the finish. Love the welded handle. Love how it pours. The display is great and the base is nice. The only thing I would change is the cord is super stiff and awkward.

  • Linda

    I am not sure about it. The outside gets hot when the water boils. The handle is not comfortable.

  • Richard J.

    After trying some cheaper electric tea kettles we looked for something better. Our check boxes were for temperature range options, temperature hold, no plastic water contact, 1.5 liter minimum, no dribble pour spout, good handle placement, and a good lid design. This pot checks them all and works well for us. We slightly bent the lid catches to make it easier to remove with one hand for filling or to check level. The touch controls can take a little getting used to but so far work well. Water temperature is spot on with quick and easy setting changes.

  • Danny J.

    I’m impressed. I‘ve used this twice already and let me tell you, it boils the water quicker than my previous kettles and gives the ability to adjust the water temperature. I also love that there’s no plastic on the inside! Yes, you heard me right, no plastic! I mean come on, all these other kettles on the market are made with rubber or plastic where hot water is boiling. Like I said, I’ve used it twice and the only thing I’d fix is the length of the wire to plug it in, but it’s not that bad. I hardly give 5 star reviews but I’m giving this 4.5. Definitely recommend.

  • Nanna

    It is very nice, very easy to use. Flawless.

  • Diane

    This is a perfect kettle. It heats up water very quickly. It looks very nice. It is high quality and sturdy. Its capacity is very large, enough for breakfast and afternoon tea. It is a great value for money.

  • Amy G.

    This is a great kettle but the power cord is too short. Other than that, it is gorgeous.

  • Dave J.

    Now I know how low-quality my old kettle is after I have met this kettle. It has 7 presets for coffees and teas, and holds the water hot for one hour. There is simply no flaw with this kettle. It is perfect.

  • CL

    This is a very nice kettle. It would be a great gift for you tea and coffee lover friends!

  • Dick W.

    This is not a cheap kettle but it is worth the price because it lets you control the water temperature. I should admit that there is not any flaw I have found so far other than I’d like to buy one more to use in living room, too.

  • Daron

    It's an amazing kettle. Boils water very fast and keeps the water warm. The handle is very comfortable and provides strong grip.

  • Carol S.

    It’s a quality kettle, very sturdy. It’s great you can mute the beep noise. It works perfectly!

  • Customer

    This is not an entry level kettle so it wouldn’t be correct to compare it to entry levels. It has many settings and heats water to different precise temperatures and holds it warm for one hour. It is a very stylish kettle, too.

  • Sheine

    This kettle is so much nicer than I expected. There are several pre-setting for different types of drinks. It heats up very quickly and keeps the water hot for one hour. It is very easy to clean it, too. It comes with a few packs of descaling solution. I highly recommend it!

  • Ali P.

    It is beautiful and looks great on the counter. It boils water really fast. It keeps the water hot if another chore gets in your way while preparing your coffee.

  • Kate Y.

    Very easy to use. Holds up to 7 cups of tea. Boils fast and keeps the temperature. Comfortable handle makes pouring easy.

  • Stew

    This kettle is superb! I have another kettle using similar technology but I have to stay at least 4 feet away from it because of emitted induction heat whereas 2 feet is enough for this kettle. So, the quality of this kettle is a stark difference from my other kettle.

  • David C.

    This kettle is outstanding and should not be compared to ordinary kettles. This is a stylish and functional kettle. It works perfectly well. Heats up water extremely fast and holds the temperature for up to 60 minutes. The only problem with this is that the lid is a little tight but I expect it to loosen as I continue using it.

  • SW

    This kettle boils water very quickly. It has 7 presets to heat up water to different degrees depending on the tea type you will brew. It also holds the water at that temperature for one hour so if you would like to get a 2nd cup of tea then you have your water ready. Heating water up to different temperatures and holding water warm at certain heat distinguish this kettle from other kettles in the market. It also has thicker walls and a sleek design that set it apart from other entry level kettles. Its rubber-coated handle is very comfortable. It has 3 holes on top to keep the steam away from your hands. So, every detail is taken care of while designing this kettle. It has a large capacity of 1.7 liters. It has a red light at the base, which indicates whether the kettle is in boiling or keep-warm phase. The downside of this kettle is that its base is large and takes a fair amount of space on the counter and its power cord is short. You can use the kettle wireless to pour water but the base has to be very close to an outlet. By the way, it took 5 rinses before first use to get rid of electric and metal smell, even though the user manual recommends 2 rinses. Overall, this is a high quality product and well worth the price.