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turkish tea

how to make turkish tea: tips and tricks for the perfect cup

SAKI Team November 29, 2023
How to Make Turkish Tea: Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Cup

Summary: Explore the traditional brewing of Turkish tea, a ritual rooted in Istanbul's culture, through our expert guidance. Learn to pick the best black loose leaves, use a traditional double teapot, and steep for a richly flavored tea.

Our step-by-step instructions, will help you make a cup of çay that captures the taste of Turkey's tea culture in every sip. This guide helps anyone recreate the perfect Turkish tea, as if sipping alongside the Bosphorus.

What is Turkish Tea?

Turkish tea, known as çay, is not just a drink, it's a significant part of Turkish culture and hospitality. The tea is originating from the Black Sea region where the the climate is ideal for tea plantation. Traditionally the tea is in a double tiered teapot and served in small, tulip-shaped glasses to encourage slow sipping. People often enjoy this reddish-brown drink multiple times daily, adding sugar cubes for sweetness if desired.

Traditional Turkish Tea Making Methods

Turkish tea traditions weave a diverse array of brewing styles and tools, each providing a unique flavor and experience. People typically make traditional tea with a çaydanlık. However, in rural areas, people occasionally brew tea directly in a kettle over a low flame.

Modern electric tea makers in urban tea houses are becoming more popular. Electric tea makers in urban tea houses are gaining popularity. These machines imitate the slow-steeping process of traditional tea pots. As a result, busy individuals can savor the strong flavor of tea without compromising their time.

Some tea lovers use samovars, showing the connection between Turkey and Russia. Samovars can serve lots of tea at once, which is important for busy Turkish social events.

Different brewing equipments show how Turkish tea culture can be flexible. Each method adds its own taste to the tea, from simple single-kettle brewing to advanced electric brewers.

Essentials for Making Turkish Tea:

Before we begin, let's ensure you have everything you need:

  • Turkish tea leaves: Often from the Black Sea region, known for their strong flavor.
  • Turkish teapot set (çaydanlık): A two-tiered kettle, with the bottom for boiling water and the top for brewing tea.
  • Turkish tea glasses (bardak): These small, tulip-shaped glasses are traditional and encourage slow sipping to savor the tea.
  • Filtered water: The quality of water affects the tea's taste.
  • Sugar cubes (optional): Many people prefer their Turkish tea sweetened.

    Step-by-Step Guide to Brewing Authentic Turkish Tea:

    Experience the fusion of tradition and modern convenience with the SAKI TeaSmart Electric Turkish Tea Kettle. Embrace the authentic method of Turkish tea preparation with the ease of electric brewing. Follow this simplified guide to immerse yourself in the ritual of crafting the quintessential Turkish tea:

    Step 1: Water Quality and Quantity

    Begin by filling the bottom kettle with fresh, cold, filtered water. Use enough water to fill the tea glasses you plan to serve. The quality of water is the foundation of your tea’s flavor profile.

    Step 2: Selecting and Measuring the Tea Leaves

    Turkish tea is typically strong, so don't shy away from generous measurements. For every tea glass you intend to serve, use one full teaspoon of tea leaves. Place these leaves into the upper kettle.

    Step 3: The Boiling Dance

    Fill the bottom pot of your SAKI TeaSmart Kettle to the required level with fresh, cold, filtered water. Press the start button to initiate boiling. When the water reaches a boil, pour half into the upper pot to mingle with the tea leaves.

    Refill the bottom kettle with water after using some for the top. Then TeaSmart will automatically heat it up—no manual adjustments needed. Meanwhile, the steam from below will keep infusing the leaves above, crafting the perfect symphony of flavor.

    Step 4: Patience Brews Perfection

    Steep the leaves for 10 to 15 minutes to let them release their full-bodied flavor and aroma. This quick process suits those who love Turkish tea but have busy modern schedules.

    Step 5: Preparing Your Glass

    While your tea is brewing, prepare your glasses. If you prefer your tea sweet, place a sugar cube at the bottom of the glass. In Turkey, we never stir our tea; we let the sugar dissolve slowly for a gradually sweetened experience.

    Step 6: Serving with Tradition

    Pour the tea into the glass, filling only about one-third to half of it. Then, dilute the strong brew with the hot water from the bottom kettle to your desired strength. The perfect color should be a rich, dark amber—reminiscent of a Turkish sunset.

    The TeaSmart Electric Kettle simplifies these steps into an effortless ritual, ensuring a flawless Turkish tea experience.

    serving turkish tea

    Tips and Tricks for the Authentic Touch:

    • Tip #1: Never stir the tea in the pot or glass; allow it to infuse naturally.
    • Tip #2: Serve with a side of Turkish delights or biscuits to complement the tea's robust flavor.
    • Tip #3: Always pour tea for guests first as a sign of respect.
    • Tip #4: To maintain the tradition, hold the glass by the rim to savor the heat and the moment.
    • Tip #5: Gaze out of your window, imagining the Bosphorus in front of you, and sip slowly, letting the tea's warmth embrace your soul.


    Learning Turkish tea is a peaceful journey, giving a taste of the calm and connection in Turkish tearooms and homes. Share this experience with loved ones, turning it into more than just a beverage. Let it be a time to connect, a tradition we share, and a pause to enjoy simplicity and being together.

    And there you have it, a complete guide to making traditional Turkish tea. May your tea be strong, your company joyful, and your moments of tea-infused reflection be many.

    Common Questions and Answers

    Q: How Much Tea and Water Should You Use?

    A: Start by filling the bottom kettle with fresh, filtered water — the cornerstone for your tea's flavor. A general rule is to use one full teaspoon of tea leaves per glass served, placed into the upper kettle.

    Q: What Is the Correct Way to Boil Water for Turkish Tea?

    A: Place the bottom kettle on the stove and bring the water to a robust boil. Pour half into the upper kettle to steep the leaves, then reduce the heat to low. The water's simmer will gently coax the flavors from the leaves through a delicate steaming process.

    Q: How Long Should You Brew Turkish Tea?

    A: Patience is the most critical ingredient in brewing Turkish tea. Allow your tea to brew for at least 15 minutes, though many connoisseurs recommend a full half-hour. This slow infusion is crucial for a full-bodied flavor.

    Q: What Is the Best Way to Serve Turkish Tea?

    A: After the tea has steeped, fill the glasses one-third to half with tea, then top up with hot water. Achieving the perfect dark amber hue is an art in itself — a balance between strength and subtlety.