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Warranty Policy

Our team knows that quality is key, and we strive to ensure every product we create provide lasting quality and reliability. That's why all our products come backed by a comprehensive product warranty - so you can confidently make your purchase knowing it'll last!

How long does the SAKI warranty cover?

The new generation electric kettles (TeaSmart, Baristan, Luna) have 2 years of standard product warranty.
Other SAKI products have coverage of 1 year standard product warranty.

All SAKI electric products that purchased in the United States are eligible for extended product warranty registation resulting in a free additional year of warranty coverage. For more information, simply find your product below and learn its extended product warranty coverage.


Product Type Standard Product Warranty Extended Product Warranty
Electric Kettles & Tea Makers:
(Turkish Tea Maker, Luna Tea Kettle, Baristan Gooseneck Kettle, Russian Samovar)
1 year 2 years
Turkish Tea Maker (V1), Samovar (V1), Turkish Coffee Maker 1 year 2 years
Cooking & Home Appliances:
(Smart Air Fryer , Air Fryer Oven, Smart Sous Vide, Pot Stirrer, Air Purifier)
1 year -
Bread Maker 1 year 2 years
(Pour Over Coffee Maker, Large Porcelain Teapot)
30 days -

*Please note that in the event of a product replacement, the warranty coverage will continue to be valid from the original date of purchase.

What does the SAKI extended product warranty cover?

Our product warranty promises quality and reliability for SAKI products over the warranty period. To enjoy the advantages of an extended product warranty, please ensure all requirements are fulfilled:

  • The product must be purchased from SAKI or an authorized retailer.
  • The product should have an order number or purchase receipt as proof of purchase.
  • The product must be used with all the care instructions.

We cannot provide warranty coverage if:

  • The product becomes damaged or does not work because of an accident, misuse or abuse.
  • The product is used with incorrect current or voltage.
  • The product is not cleaned according to the instructions given or the precautions listed in the instruction manual are not taken.
  • The product was purchased from outside of US.

How do I register for SAKI extended product warranty?

You can file a warranty claim by clicking on this link.