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Our Inspiring Journey

Redefining Coffee & Tea Brewing with Tech

In 2018, we embarked on a thrilling journey with SAKI, fueled by our mutual passion for creating an exceptional coffee and tea experience. Our aim was clear: revolutionize the coffee and tea world by merging our expertise in traditional brewing methods and innovative technology.


Our Expert Team

United by our passion for coffee and tea, our team of engineers, designers, and enthusiasts embarked on an exciting journey, committed to achieving our vision through innovation and thoughtful design.

As a family business rooted in technology,

We fearlessly leverage our expertise to forge a seamless fusion of cutting-edge innovation, captivating design, and revered traditions. This combination delivers an unrivaled experience, captivating the hearts of coffee and tea enthusiasts with bold excellence.

our relentless dedication

Our Relentless

United by our passion for coffee and tea, our team of engineers, designers, and enthusiasts embarked on an exciting journey, committed to achieving our vision through innovation and thoughtful design.

Future Vision & Ongoing Passion

future vision future vision

With unwavering passion, we embrace tomorrow, fueled by bold innovation and visionary design.

Our Complaint-Free Philosophy

Focused on creating complaint-free products with unmatched quality and intuitive simplicity, your needs guide our innovation, elevating the coffee and tea experience.

Your Voice, Our Innovation:

We innovate based on the voices that matter most: our customers. We continually reshape products that set new standards. Our relentless pursuit leads the way in the future of coffee and tea, perfecting it cup by cup.

your voice, our innovation

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Got Questions?

SAKI products are designed with a focus on innovative technology, exceptional design, and user experience. SAKI products are manufactured in the People's Republic of China (PRC) and Turkey, headquartered in Newport Beach, CA. These regions are selected for their excellence in manufacturing capabilities and access to advanced technology, ensuring that SAKI products meet the highest standards of quality and innovation. For more details on our production process and quality assurance, please visit SAKI's About Us page.

For any accessibility-related queries or if you need assistance with our products, you can reach out to SAKI directly via email at We are committed to ensuring that all of our customers can enjoy a seamless experience with our products. For more details, visit our Accessibility Statement.

Founded in 2018 in Newport Beach, California, by Dr. Omer Deveci and his family, SAKI is built on a blend of medical and technological expertise with a passion for coffee and tea. Our goal is to revolutionize brewing by emphasizing taste, quality, and health-conscious materials, moving away from plastic. We aim to combine science and traditional brewing art to set new standards in the beverage industry, ensuring each SAKI product enhances the brewing experience with innovation and quality. Learn more about our story on SAKI's About Us page.

At SAKI, customer feedback is a cornerstone of our innovation process. We are dedicated to developing high-quality, intuitive products that meet and exceed our customers' needs. Your feedback helps us to continually improve and refine our offerings, ensuring we lead the way in the future of coffee and tea brewing. We'd love to hear from you, so please share your feedback by emailing us at

The latest news, updates, and insights about SAKI products can be found on our official website and blog. Here, we share exciting new recipes, product innovations, and tips to enhance your coffee and tea experience. Stay informed by checking out our Latest Blog Articles.