how to make samovar tea at home: step-by-step guide

Emine Aslan March 26, 2024
How to Make Samovar Tea At Home: Step-by-Step Guide

Summary: Learn how to make tea in a samovar with this simple guide. Find out how to brew tea and make samovar tea at home. This guide explains easily how to use an electric Russian samovar for tea, from start to finish.

Welcome to the simple world of brewing samovar tea at home! If you’re curious about how to make tea, how to brew tea, or more specifically, how to make samovar tea, you’re in the right place. This straightforward guide will take you through the process of using an electric Russian samovar, making your tea-making experience both enjoyable and easy.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Before you begin brewing, make sure you have all the necessary supplies listed below ready:

  • An Electric Samovar: Your main tool for brewing. We recommend using an Electric Russian Samovar for easy and efficient tea-making. This modern samovar provides simple tea-making experience while still carrying the traditional elements of tea traditions. 
  • Tea Leaves or Tea Bags: Pick your preferred tea type, like Persian, Turkish, Russian, or any other black tea. Use high-quality tea for the best flavor. Try different teas to discover your favorite tastes.
  • Filtered Water: High-quality water is key for a great tea. Use fresh, cold, filtered water in your samovar. Don't use water with impurities or odors; they can change the tea's taste.
  • A Teapot: Traditionally, samovars come with a teapot. If yours didn't include one, consider getting a porcelain teapot for its ability to enhance tea flavors. Glass teapots are also a good option, as they allow you to visually enjoy the brewing process.

Step 2: Setting up the Electric Samovar

  1. Turning On Your Samovar: Plug in your electric samovar and switch it on.
  2. FillingAdd fresh, filtered water to your samovar's bottom container. It will keep the water hot, giving you constant hot water for tea.
  3. Boiling: Hit the heat button to start boiling the water in your samovar.

Step 3: Preparing Your Tea

  1. Measurement: Precision is key. For every 8 ounces (240 ml) of water, use 2 teaspoons of loose tea or one tea bag, adjusting according to your preference for strength.
  2. Teapot PreparationPlace the tea leaves or tea bags in the teapot. To enhance the flavor and aroma of your tea, consider using a porcelain teapot. You can also use a transparent teapot that adds an element of visual delight to your tea experience.

Step 4: How to Brew Tea?

  1. PouringOnce the water boils, pour it over the tea leaves or tea bags in your teapot. The hot water will begin to infuse the tea leaves or tea bags, releasing their flavors and colors.
  2. Steeping Time: Steeping brings out the tea's essence. Set the teapot on the heating base. Let the tea steep to release all its flavors and colors. Follow the recommended steeping times: 
  • Any Black Tea: 5-10 minutes
  • Russian Tea: 5-10 minutes
  • Persian Tea: 5-10 minutes
  • Turkish Tea: 10-15 minutes

Note: Change the steeping time to make your tea stronger or milder as you like. But be careful not to steep too long, as it may make the tea bitter. Watch the time closely.

Step 5: Serving Your Tea

  1. Presentation: Pour your brewed tea into tea cups or tea glasses. Use a tea strainer if you have used loose tea leaves to prevent any leaves from ending up in your cup. If you are using SAKI Electric Russian Samovar, you do not need a strainer as it comes with a built-in one. 
  2. CustomizationTea is personal. Customize your tea with sugar, honey, or lemon, according to your taste. Each tea type, like Persian, Turkish, or Russian, comes with its own traditions for adding flavors. Explore and find what you enjoy most.
  3. Enjoy: Enjoy your perfectly brewed black tea! Sip slowly and savor the rich flavors, aromas, and cultural heritage that your samovar brings. A well-brewed cup of tea has the power to transport you to distant lands and connect you with different traditions.


Making samovar tea at home, especially with the Electric Russian Samovar, is a delightful experience that elevates your tea-drinking ritual. It's perfect for enjoying the deep flavors of Persian, Turkish, Russian tea, or any black tea. By following easy steps, you can always have a delightful cup of tea.

The SAKI Electric Russian Samovar not only makes tea-making convenient but also adds beauty to your tea time. It keeps water hot, controls temperature precisely, and has a stylish look, making it a must-have for tea lovers.

To learn more about the Electric Russian Samovar and discover other tea accessories, check our product page. Improve your tea experience with the best tools. Enjoy famous tea flavors at home with SAKI. Happy brewing!

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Common Questions and Answers

Q: How to make samovar tea at home without a machine?

A: To make samovar tea without an electric samovar, you can mimic the process using a large pot for boiling water and a smaller teapot for brewing the tea concentrate. Here’s how:

  • Boil Water: Heat water in a large pot on your stove. Aim for a gentle boil.
  • Prepare Tea Concentrate: While the water is heating, fill a small, heat-resistant teapot with loose tea leaves. The amount of tea should be double what you’d typically use for a regular pot of tea, as you’re making a concentrate.
  • Brew Tea Concentrate: Once the water in the pot boils, pour some into the teapot to brew the tea concentrate. Let it steep for about 5-10 minutes.
  • Serve: To serve, pour a small amount of the tea concentrate into a cup and then dilute it with the hot water from your large pot to your desired strength.

Q: How do you make tea in a samovar?

A: Making tea in a samovar involves a few simple steps:

  • Fill the Samovar: Add water to the samovar and heat until it boils.
  • Brew the Tea: Place loose tea leaves in the teapot that sits atop the samovar, then pour some boiling water from the samovar into the teapot to steep.
  • Dilute and Serve: Pour a small amount of the strong tea concentrate into a cup, then dilute with hot water from the samovar.

Q: What are the ingredients in samovar tea?

A: The primary ingredients in samovar tea are:

  • Water: Fresh and filtered for the best taste.
  • Tea Leaves: Typically, a strong black tea such as Russian, Persian, or Turkish blend. However, any tea leaves of your choice can be used.
  • Optional Additives: Sugar, lemon, mint, or jam, depending on regional and personal preferences.

Q: What is a samovar tea?

A: Samovar tea refers to the method of making tea using a samovar, a traditional Russian tea urn used for centuries to boil water and keep it hot. The process involves brewing a strong tea concentrate in a small teapot that sits atop the samovar. To serve, the concentrate is diluted with hot water from the samovar, offering a unique and communal tea-drinking experience. Samovar tea is not only about the beverage but also the ritual and atmosphere it creates, fostering social interaction and hospitality.