The turkish tea maker's capacity is 60 oz (1.75 L), over 7 cups. The turkish teapot holds 27 oz (0.8 L), over 3 cups, totaling 87 oz (2.55 L), nearly 11 cups.

It measures in both units. Switch between them by holding the POWER ON/OFF and START/STOP buttons simultaneously.

Yes, with a 1500-watt element, it boils water rapidly, usually in less than 3 minutes.

The red light pulsates during heating and glows steadily once the water boils, indicating the status.

No, it comes with a built-in stainless steel infuser.

It maintains warmth for up to 3 hours after boiling.

It automatically shuts off after 3 hours to prevent accidents.

This precaution is for your safety and the kettle’s protection. Follow these steps according to the issue:

Insufficient Water: If the kettle has low water, fill it up to the minimum level indicated inside and try again.

Blocked Communication:

Particles Blocking Connectors: Check for any debris between the five-ring connectors at the kettle’s base and clean if necessary.

Wet Connectors: If connectors are damp, dry them with a cloth. Separate the kettle from its base and let them air dry. For future, avoid washing the kettle’s exterior under running water; wipe it instead.

Device Locking Up: If the kettle locks after showing "No Water," reset it by unplugging and then re-plugging it.

If these steps don’t work, reach out to SAKI customer service for assistance at

Descale every 4-8 weeks using a kettle descaling solution or a mixture of water and white vinegar.

It's made of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel and has a rubber handle.

It holds 60 oz (1.75 L), which is a little over 7 cups.

The kettle heats water between 104°F - 212°F.

It measures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, and you can switch between them by pressing the temperature increase and decrease buttons together for 2 seconds.

Yes, its 1500-watt heating element heats water very quickly, readying 4 cups in less than three minutes.

The red light pulses while heating and turns steady once the water reaches the set temperature.

It maintains the set temperature for up to 60 minutes.

It automatically shuts off after 60 minutes to prevent accidents.

This precautionary measure aims to ensure your safety and protect the kettle. Follow these steps based on the situation:

Insufficient Water: If the kettle doesn't have enough water, fill it to at least the minimum level indicated inside and retry.

Blocked Communication:

Particles Between Connectors: Check for and clean any particles between the five rings at the bottom of the kettle.

Wet Connectors: If connectors are wet, clean and dry them with a cloth. Allow the kettle and base to dry separately for a few hours. Avoid washing the kettle's exterior under tap water; just wipe it clean.

Device Locking Up: If the kettle locks up showing "No Water," reset it by unplugging and then plugging it back in.

Contact SAKI customer service at for further assistance if these steps don't resolve the issue.

Descale every 4-8 weeks using a specific descaling solution or a mixture of water and white vinegar.

It's made of 18-8 (Type 304) stainless steel with a rubber handle.

The Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle is essential for pour-over coffee due to its precise temperature control. It heats water to the exact degree needed for optimal brewing and maintains that temperature for 60 minutes with a hold function. The unique spout and handle design allow for adjustable pour speed, and the built-in brew stopwatch aids in timing the brewing process. This combination of features surpasses other kettles, making it ideal for coffee enthusiasts.

It has a 34 oz (1 L) capacity, which is slightly more than 4 cups, offering more volume compared to many of its competitors.

The kettle includes an S1 PID controller, ensuring ultimate temperature accuracy with an error range of just +/-1°F. This precise control is crucial for achieving the perfect brew.

You can heat water to a range between 104°F and 212°F (up to the boiling point at your altitude), offering a broader range than many competitors.

It measures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, easily switchable based on your preference, eliminating the need for conversion. You can refer to this short video to see how easy it is to choose between the two options.

The kettle heats water impressively fast, thanks to its 1200-watt heating element. It can prepare your pour-over coffee in less than four minutes.

The red light at the base has a pulsing effect during heating and becomes steady when the desired temperature is reached, indicating the water's heating status.

The 15° angled handle offers full control over water flow rate, making it comfortable to increase pour speed and reducing fatigue during prolonged pouring.

No, it doesn’t have a flow restrictor. This design choice allows for a variable flow rate, giving you the freedom to use it for various purposes beyond pour-over coffee, like brewing tea or making French press coffee.

The kettle's OLED display is equipped with various functions for enhanced usability. It allows you to set and view the current water temperature, access the built-in brew stopwatch for precise brewing timing. You can see how to use built-in brew stopwatch in this short video. Also, easily switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, and engage the temperature hold function. 

These are vent holes, smartly designed to release water vapor, preventing pressure build-up and noise. They’re positioned to avoid scalding your hand with steam.

The kettle maintains the desired temperature for 60 minutes, automatically engaging the hold function once the set temperature is reached.

It has an auto shut-off feature for safety, turning off after 60 minutes or if started with insufficient water, preventing accidents.

When in automatic safety mode, Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle does not respond to anything and reads “No Water” on the display. To make your Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle work again, you should follow the instructions below:

  • Unplug the kettle base.
  • Add fresh water at room temperature upto at least the minimum 0.5 L marking inside the kettle.
  • Let the kettle cool down for at least 5 minutes with water in it.
  • Plug in the kettle base.
  • Restart the heating cycle.

Regular descaling is recommended every 4-8 weeks using a descaling solution or a mixture of water and white vinegar. Fill the kettle with this solution, let it sit, then rinse thoroughly. Repeat until all scale is removed.

The kettle and lid are made of 18-8 (304 Grade) stainless steel, with a rubber handle. No plastic or silicon touches the water.

It is ETL and FCC certified for safety and electromagnetic standards.

Designed in California, USA, and manufactured in the PRC by SAKI, a family-owned company.

The kettle holds 135 oz (4 L) and the teapot 34 oz (1 L), totaling a combined capacity of 169 oz (5 L).

It measures temperature only in Celsius.

Yes, its 1500-watt heating element ensures rapid boiling.

The red light pulses while heating and glows steadily when the water reaches the desired temperature.

No, it comes with a high-quality stainless steel infuser.

It maintains warm water for up to 3 hours, with a beep sound and keep-warm mode activation once water boils.

It automatically shuts off after 3 hours of inactivity, ensuring safety.

Use distilled vinegar or baking soda with hot water, let it sit for 10-20 minutes, then scrub and rinse.

Regularly descale every 4-8 weeks using a kettle descaling solution or a mixture of water and white vinegar. Let the mixture sit, then rinse and repeat as needed.

It's made of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, with a high-quality porcelain teapot and lid.

Designed in California, USA, and manufactured in the PRC by SAKI, a family-owned company specializing in kitchen technology.

Holds about 2-2.5 fluid ounces (60-75 milliliters), slightly smaller than espresso cups.

The pot holds a maximum of 8 ounces (240 milliliters) of water. An indicator shows the maximum fill level.

Use the following ratios for different servings:

Turkish Coffee Water to Coffee Ratio Chart

1 cup2 fl.oz. (60 ml)1 spoon
2 cups4 fl.oz. (120 ml)2 spoons
3 cups6 fl.oz. (180 ml)3 spoons
4 cups8 fl.oz. (240 ml)4 spoons

Use ground Turkish coffee, not instant coffee. The SAKI Turkish Coffee Maker is designed for brewing from freshly ground coffee.

You should use ground coffee with SAKI Turkish Coffee Maker, not instant Turkish coffee. Instant Turkish coffee is already brewed so you can make it directly by mixing it with hot water. However, SAKI Turkish Coffee Maker is to brew Turkish coffee from freshly ground coffee.

Yes, it’s suitable for Armenian, Greek, Arabic, and Bosnian coffee. Also, various Turkish coffee varieties like traditional, Dibek, and Menengiç coffee can be made.

Ember brewing simulates traditional brewing methods with longer brewing time at a lower temperature, enhancing taste and foam.

Milk is not recommended as the machine is optimized for water to properly dissolve the coffee.

Yes, it is compatible with 110V-120V and comes with a North American power plug.

Wipe the coffee maker with a damp cloth. Hand wash the pot without submerging it due to its heating element. Neither the maker nor the pot is dishwasher safe.

No, both the coffee maker and the pot are not dishwasher safe. Avoid submerging the pot in water.

Clean the anti-spill sensor and ensure coffee, sugar, and water don’t exceed the max line in the pot.

It is designed in California, USA, and manufactured in Turkey.

Use the SAKI Bread Maker's program #5, specifically designed for gluten-free bread. You can find suitable recipes in the SAKI Bread Machine Recipe Book on our website, available for download on this page, or on our recipes page.

The control panel automatically locks one minute after starting to prevent accidental changes. To unlock, press and hold the “MENU” button for 7 seconds.

To pause a program, first unlock the control panel by holding the “MENU” button for 7 seconds, then press the “START/STOP” button for 3 seconds. Avoid pausing for more than 5 minutes to ensure quality results.

Unlock the control panel by pressing and holding the “MENU” button for 7 seconds, then reset the program by holding the “START/STOP” button for 10 seconds.

The SAKI Bread Maker bakes bread horizontally and offers different loaf sizes (2 lbs, 2.5 lbs, 3 lbs) and crust color options (light, medium, dark).

The bread maker beeps ten times and displays a nut icon to indicate when to add ingredients like fruits or nuts

Both the recipe book and user manual are available for download on our website. Find them on bottom part of the bread maker product page.

Yes, you can use other recipes, but ensure they match the bread maker’s loaf size and program cycle.

You can remove the paddles after kneading and rising, but not during baking due to high temperatures.

Follow the SAKI Bread Maker Pan Inserting/Removing Guide for proper insertion and removal.

This image shows how to insert and remove the SAKI Bread Maker Bread Pan.

It's a fully customizable program allowing you to set individual times for each phase of the baking cycle.

No, the ceramic-coated bread pan is not dishwasher safe. Clean it with warm, soapy water and dry with a soft cloth.

Wash them with warm, soapy water and dry thoroughly. They are not dishwasher safe.

Yes, replacement pans and paddles are available for purchase on our website.

Yes, it's free from BPA, PTFE, PFOA, PFAS.

It features a stainless steel body with ceramic-coated aluminum bread pan and paddles.

Register for warranty via the “WARRANTY REGISTRATION” button found under the “SUPPORT” section on our website.

Designed in California, USA, and manufactured in the PRC.

It has a capacity of 24 oz (700 ml), which is equivalent to about 3 cups of coffee.

The main body is made of borosilicate glass, the sleeve is BPA-free silicone, and the coffee filter is stainless steel.

Borosilicate glass is highly resistant to thermal changes and is lighter and thinner than regular glass. It's composed of boron trioxide and silica, is BPA-free, and doesn't contain toxic elements like lead, making it ideal for kitchenware.

Yes. All parts of SAKI Pour Over Coffee Maker are BPA-free.

No additional equipment is needed. However, for optimal results, you might consider the Baristan Electric Kettle for precise water heating, controlled pouring, and timing.

Designed in California, USA, and manufactured in the PRC.

Yes, sous vide is one of the safest cooking methods, requiring no extra equipment and not necessitating constant attention at the kitchen counter.

A high-quality zipper-lock bag can be used as an alternative to a vacuum sealer for sous vide cooking.

Searing is optional. Serve directly after unpacking for maximum nutrient retention, or sear briefly for added crispiness and flavor.

Fill the cooker with enough water to completely submerge the plastic bag.

Only the removable parts, including the door, racks, and accessories, can be safely cleaned in the dishwasher. Avoid placing the main body of the air fryer in the dishwasher.

No, the Saki Air Fryer 13 Quart is constructed without BPA, PTFE, PFOA, and PFAS, ensuring safe cooking without exposure to these harmful chemicals.

With a consumption of 1.7 kWh, the Saki Air Fryer 13 Quart is an energy-efficient appliance. It uses significantly less power compared to traditional cooking methods like convection ovens or deep fryers.

Cooking Mode
TemperatureCooking Time
French Fries
400oF (200oC)15 min
Steaks / Chops
350oF (177oC)25 min
325oF (163oC)15 min
370oF (185oC)40 min
400oF (200oC)10 min
320oF (160oC)10 min

Yes, up to four racks can be utilized simultaneously, allowing for the preparation of various dishes at once, or for dehydrating fruits and vegetables efficiently.

Absolutely, it's ideal for baking a variety of desserts. Some of our favorite recipes from the SAKI cookbook are strawberry cheesecake, molten lava cake, chocolate souffle, salted caramel pizookie, and key lime cupcakes. A grilled pineapple recipe should also be mentioned as a healthier dessert option to be cooked in the SAKI Smart Air Fryer 13 Quart.

It's designed in California, USA, and manufactured in the PRC, adhering to high standards of design and production quality

A blinking Wi-Fi icon indicates that the air fryer needs to be connected to Wi-Fi for optimal use. Use the SAKI Smart App to establish a Wi-Fi connection. This enables remote control of the air fryer from any location. Alternatively, a Bluetooth connection can be used but is limited to the range of the device.

Step 1: Open the SAKI Smart App. If you already have an account, tap "login." To create a new account, hit "sign up."

Note: You must create your own SAKI Smart account to use third-party services and products, which will not work with a guest account. With a SAKI Smart account, you can also allow your family and friends to control your SAKI Smart Air Fryer.

Step 2: After you log in, tap the "plus" icon at the top and select your air fryer.

Step 3: Select the "auto scan" option at the top and wait a few seconds until the device is found.

Step 4: When the device is found, hit the "next" button below.

Step 5: Enter your Wi-Fi name and password to complete the connection.

Only the removable parts - the basket and the crisper plate - are dishwasher safe. You can easily remove and put them in your dishwasher for a thorough cleaning. The main body is not dishwasher safe.

All components of the SAKI Smart Air Fryer 5 Quart are free of BPA, PTFE, PFOA and PFAS.

The energy consumption of air fryers is relatively low compared to convection ovens, deep fryers, and microwaves. They can cook the same delicious foods using almost 50% less energy. The Saki Smart Air Fryer 5 Quart will consume 1.5 kWh.

Cooking Preset
TemperatureCooking Time
French Fries380oF (193oC)25 min
Steak400oF (200oC)6 min
Fish350oF (176oC)8 min
Chicken380oF (193oC)25 min
Bacon320oF (160oC)8 min
Vegetables380oF (193oC)10 min
Shrimp400oF (200oC)5 min

The Saki Smart Air Fryer 5 Quart is designed in California, US, and manufactured in PRC.

The SAKI Automatic Pot Stirrer is primarily designed for stirring. While the central part may slightly scrape the bottom, its main function is effective stirring, which reduces the need for manual scraping. This feature ensures a uniform cooking process without the need to constantly monitor and manually stir.

Designed for pots with a height between 4-8 inches and a diameter of 6-10.2 inches, it can operate in a 9-inch tall pot but may not reach all the way to the bottom. This might limit its effectiveness in stirring the very bottom layer of the contents.

The SAKI Pot Stirrer effectively stirs foods with a slightly thick consistency like sauces, soups, and porridge. However, it's not recommended for very thick, sticky, or high-temperature foods such as caramel or candy, as these may hinder its stirring capability or damage the device.

The axle and blades are made from durable, BPA-free materials, ensuring safe and long-lasting use. Its ETL certification further assures adherence to quality and safety standards.

For safety reasons, it cannot be used while plugged in. Once fully charged, it provides up to 3 hours of continuous operation, which is generally sufficient for most cooking tasks.

It withstands temperatures up to 372°F (200°C) during operation. This high heat tolerance makes it suitable for a wide range of cooking applications, from simmering soups to sautéing vegetables.

It stirs constantly and offers two different speeds. The stirring direction is fixed to ensure consistent and effective stirring throughout the cooking process. 

The battery takes 4 hours to fully charge and runs for 2-3 hours.

It comes with a charger rated at 120VAC to 6VDC/0.7A.

Air purifiers can assist in managing asthma or allergy symptoms by reducing airborne pollutants and allergens like dust, pollen, and bacteria. While they don't cure these conditions, they can improve air quality, potentially providing relief from symptoms in a cleaner environment.

While HEPA filters in air purifiers are primarily designed to capture particles, not odors, they can help reduce pet odors to some extent by filtering out particulate matter that might carry these odors.

For optimal performance, it's recommended to use air purifiers in a closed environment. Open windows may allow more pollutants to enter, reducing the purifier's effectiveness.

Modern air purifiers, like the Saki Air Master, are designed to operate quietly. They utilize the latest technology to ensure minimal noise, providing a peaceful and unobtrusive atmosphere.

The usage frequency depends on the size of your space. Larger rooms might require more continuous operation of the air purifier to maintain clean air. For smaller spaces, shorter and less frequent operation may suffice.

More questions? Find answers on our Support page.