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why every baby should have an air purifier in their room

Anastasya Topci February 08, 2024
Why Every Baby Should Have an Air Purifier in Their Room

No matter how costly it will be, securing the health and safety of their children has always been and will always be the top priority in parent’s lives. Whether it be the top-nautch bassinet or the most expensive organic onesie; parents make sure to procure the ultimate and the best products for their little angels. This is no exception when it comes to designing and setting up their baby’s room: wooden cribs, fancy baby room decor items, a comfortable yet stylish feeding chair, and of course an air purifier for baby that has surprisingly generous benefits. Air purifiers for baby room are not only a necessity; they tend to become life savers when it comes to adjusting to life with a newborn. Here is why every baby should have an air purifier in their room.

The Air in Your Home is Not As Clean As You Think

Recently conducted studies have shown that no matter which climate you may live in; the air inside of your home often tends to contain high concentrations of hazardous chemicals when compared to the air outside. These chemicals may come from anywhere; from the cleaning products shelved in your pantry to your pets that shed dander and fur. 

Other studies have also come to show that children - especially infants - breathe in 50 percent more air per pound of their body weight than adults. Minimizing toxic and chemical air particles in the home is especially critical because of this; and that is where air purifiers for babies enter the picture. 

Maintaining Good Indoor Air Quality is Essential for Your Newborn

Air purifiers for newborns are especially the hot deal when it comes to trending baby products. An air purifier for baby's room has to be able to reduce indoor air pollution, remove pollutants and toxins in the air, and stabilize the humidity within its range. 

Air Purifier For Babies Help Their Immune System 

There are many steps that can be taken before purchasing an air purifier for babies, however it is safe to say that the best way to improve the air quality within the nursery is without a doubt using a high-quality air purifier in the long run. Saki air purifier helps your baby's immune system, development of the lungs, and brain. The cleaner the air in his room is, the more beneficial it will be for your baby.

Air Pollution is No Joke When It Comes to Your Family  

Multiple studies like "The Effects of Air Pollution on the Health of Children" have also shown that ambient air pollution leads to an increase in infant mortality, especially SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), as well as causing immune system problems, school absenteeism and multiple respiratory problems. To prevent such illnesses and health problems in the long term, it is essential that babies sleep in a clean and anti-polluted environment. Needless to say that the clean air throughout the house will also positively affect other members of the family. 

What About Air Purifier vs. Humidifier for Baby?

Just like air purifiers, humidifiers can also have a positive effect on your baby's health. Humidifiers help keep the baby's nose, throat and skin from getting dry, thus providing the necessary humidity for a healthy respiration. However, it is important to remember that the use of humidifiers must be supervised and the excessive moisture should be properly taken under control. Air purifiers for infants and babies, on the other hand, have no additional side effects when used throughout the day.

When choosing the best air purifier for baby room, it is key to remember that the purifier should be safe, should effectively remove the pollutants and hazardous chemicals detected in the air, and should also be relatively quiet. Excessive noise may damage your baby's hearing and even lead to a slower auditory development. Some parents claim that a mild hum coming from an air purifier can actually be quite comforting and soothing at times.

Benefits of air purifier for baby's room are countless, which is why more and more parents every day opt for a high-quality and credible air purifier brand for their child.