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the ultimate guide to turkish coffee brewing equipment

SAKI Team January 22, 2024
The Ultimate Guide to Turkish Coffee Brewing Equipment

Summary: Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Turkish coffee equipment, where tradition meets modern convenience. In this guide, we’ll explore the essential tools to elevate your Turkish coffee experience.

The Traditional Turkish Coffee Set

Turkish coffee is not just a type of coffee; it's a cultural experience. Central to this experience are traditional Turkish coffee cups.

These cups often have unique designs, unlike your standard espresso cups. The designs are reflecting the rich heritage of the Ottoman Empire and Turkish coffee culture. The design of these small cups enhance the Turkish coffee drinking experience.

The porcelain material keeps the coffee warm. Allowing you to savor the taste as it continues brewing in the cup. Enjoy this slow, delightful experience with friends and family.

Cezve: Traditional Turkish Coffee Pot

The cezve (or ibrik), a small, long-handled pot, is the cornerstone of Turkish coffee preparation. People usually make this traditional pot from copper or brass. It's designed for slow brewing over low heat. Its unique shape - wider at the bottom and narrower at the top - is essential for perfectly brewing cup of coffee.

The process in the cezve is not just about heating coffee. Balancing temperature and timing is crucial to extract the rich flavors and aromas from the finely ground coffee beans.

Modern Interpretations Of Cezve

While traditional materials like copper remain popular, modern cezves also incorporate stainless steel for durability and ease of maintenance. Some contemporary designs even include temperature gauges for precise heat control. Catering to the modern connoisseur who values both tradition and convenience.

Regardless of the material, the cezve’s role in Turkish coffee preparation remains unchanged. Turkish coffee pot is a symbol of the rich heritage and meticulous craft that Turkish coffee represents.

Turkish Coffee Cups: Art and Design

More Than Just a Cup

Turkish coffee cups, or fincans, are as integral to the coffee experience as the coffee itself. These small cups have specific designs for Turkish coffee, with sizes that are perfect for the strong brew.

Unlike regular coffee or espresso cups, fincans typically hold a smaller amount of coffee, focusing on quality over quantity. This design comes from the idea of enjoying every sip. It makes drinking coffee a more personal and relaxed experience.

A Canvas of Culture

The art and design of Turkish coffee cups are reflections of Turkish history and culture. These cups often feature detailed patterns and colors similar to traditional turkish tea glasses. They celebrate the long artistic history of the regions where people have enjoyed Turkish coffee for centuries.

Each cup, with designs ranging from classic Ottoman motifs to modern styles, tells a story. They turn every coffee session into a journey through history and culture.

Electric Turkish Coffee Maker:

The Modern Brewer’s Choice

While tradition is key, modern technology offers convenience without compromising the authentic taste. Devices like the SAKI Electric Turkish Coffee Maker have modernized the way we approach this ancient brewing method.

These machines keep the important brewing methods of Turkish coffee, but they automate the process. This ensures that every cup of Turkish coffee is consistently perfect cup. They are perfect for those who appreciate the taste of traditional Turkish coffee but are short on time.

Features That Impress

The key to an excellent electric Turkish coffee maker lies in its features. Features like automatic temperature control and overflow prevention make these modern devices stand out. With the touch of a button, these machines can replicate the slow-brewing process of the cezve. Also preserving the coffee's rich foam and intense flavor.

Why Choose SAKI Electric Turkish Coffee Maker?

  • Consistency: Ensures your coffee has the perfect temperature and foam every time.
  • Convenience: Easy to use with automatic shut-off and overflow prevention.
  • Design: Elegant and modern, bringing a stylish elegance to your kitchen.

Turkish Coffee Grinder

Importance of the Grind

The grinder is a crucial component in the ground Turkish coffee preparation process. Turkish coffee requires an ultra-fine grind, even finer than that used for espresso. This level of fineness is essential for creating the signature thick, frothy top and strong brew. A good grinder transforms the coffee beans into a fine, powdery consistency, which is key to the brewing process.

Choosing the Right Grinder

When selecting a grinder for Turkish coffee, one must look for a model that can consistently produce an ultra-fine grind. Traditional manual grinders are not just useful for grinding coffee; their ornate designs also make them attractive decorations. For an easier and more accurate grind, electric burr grinders with Turkish coffee settings are ideal.

Additional Turkish Coffee Brewing Equipment:

Essential Add-Ons

To fully embrace the Turkish coffee culture, we recommend several additional pieces of equipment.

Spoon: A traditional, long-handled spoon is essential for stirring the coffee and sugar mixture in the cezve.

Sugar Bowl: A decorative sugar bowl, often matching the fincans, adds elegance to the coffee service.

A Serving Tray: Typically decorated in the Turkish style, serves the purpose of serving coffee to guests. This adds to the communal feel of the experience of drinking turkish coffee.

Complementary Equipment

Beyond the basics, other items can further enhance the Turkish coffee experience. For those who like to have sweets with their coffee, using small plates for Turkish delights or pastries adds a welcoming touch.


Now equipped with the proper tools, it is time to start the brewing process. For a detailed guide on making Turkish coffee, check out our blog post here.

Whether you use traditional tools or an electric Turkish coffee maker, the approach matters. All about the care and attention you give to the brewing process. Prepare to brew and cherish each moment of the experience. Wishing you happy brewing!

Common Questions & Answers

Q: Can I use a regular espresso cup as a Turkish coffee cup?

A: You may use an espresso cup if a traditional Turkish coffee cup is not available. To fully experience and appreciate the tradition, we recommend using a genuine Turkish coffee cup.

Q: Are there any specific materials that Turkish coffee cups should be made of?

A: People usually make traditional Turkish coffee cups out of porcelain. People favor porcelain for its ability to retain heat and its smooth surface.

Q: Is there a special way to care for and clean Turkish coffee cups?

A: We recommend hand washing with mild soap and warm water because of their intricate designs and delicate material. Avoid using abrasive sponges or detergents, as these can damage the designs.

Q: Why are Turkish coffee cups so small?

A: Turkish coffee has a much stronger and more concentrated flavor than typical brewed coffee, so people serve it in smaller quantities.