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the perfect turkish tea set: the ultimate shopping guide for beginners

SAKI Team January 25, 2024
The Perfect Turkish Tea Set: The Ultimate Shopping Guide for Beginners

Summary: In this blog post, we explore the essentials of a Turkish tea set, differentiating between traditional and modern tea sets, and explaining how each caters to different tastes and styles. The post also offers practical advice on purchasing and caring for tea sets. The essence of the post is to guide you in choosing the right tea set to elevate your Turkish tea experience.

Are you intrigued by the rich world of Turkish tea? You're not alone. Many are drawn to its unique blend of tradition and taste. But where do you start your journey? Let us guide you. In this post, we'll help you choose the perfect Turkish tea set, including the popular SAKI TeaSmart Electric Kettle. Whether you're new to Turkish tea or upgrading your set, we'll answer common questions and make things easy. Dive in, and discover the delight of Turkish tea culture with us.

Understanding the Essentials: What is a Turkish Tea Set?

A Turkish tea set, a symbol of Turkey's heritage and hospitality, is a comprehensive collection of items designed to brew and serve Turkish tea perfectly. More than just teaware, it's an experience, a tradition passed down through generations.

This set typically includes the essentials like a double stack teapot for simultaneous brewing of strong tea and hot water, tulip-shaped tea glasses – a delightful nod to the national flower of Turkey, tea spoons for the perfect stir, and saucers to support these glasses. A sugar bowl for those preferring a sweet sip, a tray for organized serving, and coasters to prevent heat damage to surfaces, complete the set, making your Turkish tea brewing and serving experience seamless and truly traditional.

Exploring the Spectrum: What are the Different Types of Turkish Tea Sets?

Dive into the charming world of Turkish tea culture with an understanding of the two main types of Turkish tea sets: traditional and modern. Traditional Turkish tea sets, often crafted from ceramic or glass, exhibit a simple yet elegant design, deeply rooted in the centuries-old tea drinking customs of Turkey. These sets are perfect for those looking to experience the classic and authentic Turkish tea serving style.

On the other hand, modern Turkish tea sets offer a fusion of tradition and contemporary style. Crafted from materials like stainless steel or fine porcelain, these sets captivate with their elaborate designs, showcasing the progression of Turkish artistry while maintaining the essence of the tea-serving tradition. Whether you're a staunch traditionalist or a lover of modern aesthetics, there's a Turkish tea set perfect for your tea-drinking style.

Selecting the Right Teapot: The Double Stack Design

In the heart of Turkish tea culture lies the "çaydanlık", a unique double stacked teapot used traditionally in Turkey. This special teapot, consisting of a bottom kettle for boiling water and a smaller top kettle for brewing the tea, is a key player in the traditional Turkish tea brewing process. The beauty of this method is the control it provides over the strength of your tea. By simply adjusting the amount of hot water added to the brew, you can tailor the tea to your liking. So, when exploring Turkish tea traditions, the çaydanlık becomes a must-have item, helping you personalize and enhance your tea experience.

Modern Convenience: The SAKI TeaSmart Electric Turkish Tea Kettle

While traditional methods have their charm, modern tea enthusiasts might crave convenience and precision.Designed with the Turkish tea enthusiast in mind, TeaSmart Electric Turkish Tea Kettle is a fusion of high-tech convenience and authentic tradition.

With precise temperature control, automatic shut-off, and a "keep warm" function, it ensures seamless, perfect brews. Its modern stainless steel design and ergonomic handle add style and comfort to your tea-making experience. It’s a practical and high-tech addition to your Turkish tea set that doesn't compromise on the authenticity of the experience.

Choose High-Quality Turkish Tea Glasses

The perfect Turkish tea journey starts with the right glass. Traditional Turkish tea glasses, Crafted with thin walls in a signature tulip shape, these glasses are purposefully designed to accentuate the deep-red hue of the Turkish tea. They're typically made of clear, high-quality glass that's heat-resistant, ensuring the longevity of the glass and the optimal temperature of your tea.

Completing Your Set: Saucers, Sugar Bowl, and Tray

Your Turkish tea set wouldn't be complete without a set of saucers, a sugar bowl, and a tray. Saucers are not only aesthetic but also functional, protecting your table from heat. The sugar bowl is an integral part of Turkish tea culture, as Turks usually enjoy their tea with a few cubes of sugar. The tray is used for serving and adds a decorative touch.

What are the Different Features of Turkish Tea Sets?

When choosing a Turkish tea set, there are distinctive features to consider that can enhance your tea-drinking experience:

  • Teapot Size: The capacity of the teapot determines how much tea you can brew at once. If you're hosting tea parties or serving a large group, opt for a larger teapot.
  • Material Type: The material of the tea set can influence the tea's taste. Ceramic and glass tea sets tend to impart a more delicate flavor, while stainless steel and porcelain tea sets can lead to a robust flavor.
  • Design Aesthetics: The design of the tea set is all about personal preference. You might lean towards traditional tea sets with their understated elegance, or prefer modern tea sets with more intricate designs.

Your Shopping Guide: Where Can I Find a Turkish Tea Set?

When it comes to Turkish tea sets, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of options suitable for all preferences right here at SAKI. We're particularly proud of our TeaSmart Electric Kettle, specially designed with the Turkish tea brewing process in mind. As you shop on our platform, we encourage you to read through the customer reviews for valuable insights about our products. Your satisfaction and the quality of your tea experience are our utmost priority.

Turkish Tea Set Maintenance: How Do I Care for It?

To maintain the charm of your Turkish tea set, it's essential to hand-wash each piece with warm, soapy water. Avoid using a dishwasher, as this can harm the delicate materials. Additionally, if you're using an electric kettle like the TeaSmart Electric Turkish Kettle, it's crucial to avoid letting water touch the electrical components. This can affect the performance of the kettle and may trigger a display warning like "No Water" or "NTC Short/Fail". Taking these steps ensures that your Turkish tea set remains in top condition, ready for many memorable tea experiences.


Immersing in the rich tradition of Turkish tea at home is a delightful journey, and the perfect Turkish tea set can elevate this experience. By keeping in mind the tips shared in this post, you're well-equipped to choose a tea set that aligns with your needs, style, and taste.

And if you're looking for a seamless, tech-forward way to brew your tea, do consider the TeaSmart Electric Kettle. It's designed specifically for Turkish tea and is a modern must-have for every Turkish tea set.

Here's to many soul-soothing cups of perfectly brewed Turkish tea!