Why do I need Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle to make perfect pour-over coffee?

The water temperature is of great importance to brew perfect pour-over coffee. Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle will help you heat the water up to the specific degree necessary for an ideal brew, and then, thanks to its hold function, will keep the water at that temperature for 60 more minutes if you are busy with something else. It also has a built-in brew stopwatch enabling you to time the brewing. More importantly, it allows you to adjust the pour speed with its unique spout and handle design.

Considering all these specific characteristics of the Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle, as well as its unique design and stainless steel body, it is superior to any kettle on the market.

What is the capacity of Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle?

The capacity of Baristan Electric Kettle is 34 oz (1 L), a little bit over 4 cups, more capacity than its competitors in the market.

How accurately does Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle measure the temperature?

The Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle comes with an S1 PID controller for ultimate temperature accuracy. The S1 PID controller constantly monitors the temperature and adjusts the heating element to make water reach and maintain the desired temperature as efficiently as possible. Its error range is +/-1°F.

What is the minimum temperature that I can heat up the water with Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle?

You can heat up the water up to a temperature between 104°F - 212°F (or up to the boiling point of your latitude) with Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle. Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle offers a wider temperature range than the competitors in the market.

Does Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle measure the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius?

Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle measures the temperature both in degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius depending on your preference. So, you no longer need Google to convert the degrees since your pour-over kettle does that for you when you have Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle.

You can refer to this short video to see how easy it is to choose between the two options.

Is Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle quick in heating up the water?

Yes, Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle has an impressively fast heating time. The heating element of the Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle is 1200 watts and tuned for heating up the water very fast. So, your pour-over coffee will be ready in less than four minutes with Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle in the mornings.

What does the red light at the base of Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle indicate?

The smart light ring at the base of Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle indicates the heating status. The red light has a pulsing effect while it is heating up the water to the desired temperature, and it goes into a steady glowing phase as soon as the water reaches the desired temperature.

Why is the handle of the Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle angled?

The handle of Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle is designed with a 15° of angle to give you a full control over the water flow rate when making pour-over coffee. So, it is possible to comfortably increase the pour speed with the handle of Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle, a plus for tea drinkers. The angled handle also prevents you from being tired with the weight of the kettle while slowly pouring water.

Does the spout of Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle have a flow restrictor?

No, the spout of Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle does not come with a flow restrictor. Flow restrictor controls the water flow rate and provides a constant flow regardless of the angle you pour the water. This ensures a fixed and slow flow rate to make pour-over coffee but not a useful function for other purposes such as making other types of coffees, brewing different types of teas, using it as a regular kettle etc.

Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle is specifically designed to make perfect pour-over coffee but also wants to provide its users the freedom to use itself for other purposes. The design of Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle’s spout and handle gives you full control over the flow rate. Changing the angle of the kettle while pouring water, you can have either a slow or fast flow depending on your need and preference. Therefore, you can comfortably use your Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle not only to make pour-over coffee, but also to make other coffees such as French press and aeropress, to brew tea, or for other hot water needs.

What are the features of Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle’s display?

Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle has a 0.96" (128x64 px) OLED display. OLED technology provides deepest black, highest contrast ratio and a wide viewing angle (180°). The OLED display shows current and goal temperatures, and also the symbol of current process.

What are the three holes seen on top of Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle?

The three holes seen on top of Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle are vent holes. Placing these vent holes on the body is a very smart design that allows the water vapor to go out in order to prevent both a build-up of pressure in the kettle, and rattling, clunking and crackling sounds. The location of the holes has also been adjusted in such a way that the vapor stream does not cause any scald to your hand.

Do I also need a stopwatch to make pour-over coffee with Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle?

No, you do not need an additional stopwatch to make pour-over coffee with Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle since it comes with a built-in brew stopwatch to make you time the brewing.

You can see how to use built-in brew stopwatch in this short video.

Why does it take too long for the Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle to reach 212 degrees Fahrenheit in the final part of heating even though the temperature rises at a normal pace at first?

Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle uses high technology S1 PID controller to eliminate the swinging in the temperature. S1 PID decreases the power supplied to the heater as the temperature approaches the target you set. That is why the final part of heating takes longer.

Do I need to use a lower temperature setting to boil water at higher altitudes while using Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle?

Yes, this is the case for all electric kettles. Boiling point changes with the altitude. It is highest at sea level and decreases with altitude. The Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle cannot reach temperatures higher than the boiling point of related altitude.

If Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle does not reach 212°F, the boiling point of your region may be lower than that. In this case, please check the altitude of your region from the Internet and refer to the chart on the user manual to learn the related boiling point which is the maximum temperature the kettle can reach.

How long can Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle hold the water at the desired temperature?

Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle holds the water at the desired temperature for 60 minutes. As soon as the water reaches the desired temperature, Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle automatically goes into hold function and maintains the water temperature for up to 60 minutes.

What if I forgot to turn Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle off?

Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle has an auto shut off function which activates automatic safety mode to prevent any accidents which may result from forgetting to turn it off or starting it with insufficient water below the minimum level indicated inside the kettle. Therefore, your device will automatically turn off after 60 minutes of hold time finishes.

When in automatic safety mode, Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle does not respond to anything and reads “No Water” on the display. To make your Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle work again, you should follow the instructions below:

  • Unplug the kettle base.
  • Add fresh water at room temperature upto at least the minimum 0.5 L marking inside the kettle.
  • Let the kettle cool down for at least 5 minutes with water in it.
  • Plug in the kettle base.
  • Restart the heating cycle.

What if I turn on Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle without adding water into it?

Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle has a “boil dry protection” function to prevent you from turning it on without water. So, it does not start working and warns you by reading “No Water” on its display if you do not add water into it even if you turn it on.

Can I heat milk or other liquids in Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle?

No. Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle is designed and manufactured only for boiling water, not any other liquid. However, even though it is a gooseneck kettle mainly designed to make pour-over coffee, you can also make other types of coffees, teas, noodles, or any other food or beverage which requires hot water using Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle.

Additionally, Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle offers you more flexibility than regular kettles since it can either boil the water or heat it up to the temperature you set. It also has a hold function to keep the water at the set temperature for 60 minutes. So, it meets all your water heating needs.

Why does the screen read 'No Water' and not respond to anything even though Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle is filled?

This is an important precaution taken to protect you and your product. When faced with this situation, follow the related steps below depending on the cause of the problem:

  1. If there is not enough water in the Luna Adjustable Temperature Electric Kettle, then add more water to it and try again. There should be water at least until the minimum level indicated inside the kettle.
  2. If there is enough water but you still get a "No Water" warning, this means that the communication between the kettle and the base is blocked. There might be two possible reasons for this blockage:
  • There might be some particles between the connectors at the bottom of the kettle (five rings). So, please ensure that there are no particles between them, and if any, clean such particles.
  • One or more of the connectors might be exposed to water. So, the connectors should be cleaned and dried with a dry cloth. Leaving the kettle and base apart to dry for a few hours remedies the issue completely. To prevent it from happening again, please do not wash the outside of the kettle under tap water, just wipe it with a damp cloth.

Getting the "No Water" sign may cause the device to lock itself. In this case, please reset the kettle by unplugging and then plugging it in again.

If none of these solutions resolve the issue, contact SAKI customer service.

How can I descale Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle?

It is important to descale electric kettles regularly for them to continue working as properly and efficiently as in the beginning. Regular descaling increases the product life cycle and allows the kettle to boil water faster with less energy.

Scale is naturally occurring buildup of mineral deposits caused by impurities in water, especially hard water. For best performance, you should descale Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle every 4-8 weeks or whenever you realize scale built up inside. In order to descale Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle, you can follow one of the following methods:

1. Use a descaling solution specifically produced for kettles and follow the instruction on the descaling solution package.

2. If you do not want to use any chemical for descaling, make it with white vinegar following the instructions below:

  • Fill the Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle with half water and half white vinegar.
  • Let it sit for 30 minutes.
  • Pour the solution into the sink and rinse the kettle thoroughly with clean water.
  • Repeat this process until all of the scale is removed.

Is using an electric gooseneck kettle safe for health?

Using an electric gooseneck kettle is safe for health as long as it is made of glass or stainless steel. Plastic electric kettles are not recommended due to the risk of leaching of some harmful chemicals into the water. In no part of Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle is plastic or silicone used.

What materials are used in Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle?

The body of Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle and its lid are made of 18-8 stainless steel, also known as Type 304 (304 Grade). This is to say that there is no plastic or silicon in touch with water in Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle. It is, in fact, the first plastic-free flat surface pour-over kettle. The handle is made of rubber for a strong grip.

What certifications does Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle have?

Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle is ETL and FCC certified.

How much does Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle weigh?

It is 3.1 lb (1.4 kg).

What are the dimensions of Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle?

The kettle itself has a dimension of 8.7" (22.1 cm) in width and 11.6" (29.5 cm) in height.

Which plug type does Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle have?

Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle has Type-B plug, and uses 120 V and 60 Hz AC electricity, in compliance with the standards in the USA and Canada. You must have a transformer to use Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle with different mains voltages (220-240V). Just a plug converter will not be sufficient if you live in a different region.

How long is the power cord?

The power cord of Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle is 3.2 ft (97.5 cm).

How much electricity does Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle use?

In fact, electric kettles consume a lot of energy ranging from 1.2 kWh to 3 kWh. Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle consumes 1.2 kWh which is the minimum level among the electric kettles on the market.

How long is the warranty on Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle?

Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle has a manufacturer warranty for 2 years, but you can extend it for 3 years by registering your kettle on our website following this link.  A 3-year warranty outruns many of Baristan’s competitors in the market.

Where is Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle manufactured?

The manufacturer of Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle, SAKI is a family-owned company that specializes in application of smart technology into kitchen appliances, and located in Irvine, CA.

Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle is designed in California, USA, developed in the SAKI R&D lab, and manufactured in PRC.

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Baristan Electric Gooseneck Kettle (Open-Box)

Best-in-class gooseneck kettle for precise control

86 Reviews

The SAKI Baristan electric gooseneck kettle is thoughtfully designed and meticulously engineered to combine aesthetics and functionality. Shed light on your coffee journey using a red light ring. From +/-1°F pinpoint temperature accuracy to rubber non-slip handle giving you the apex control. Light the barista inside you.

Features Overview:

  • Light ring indicator
  • Plastic-free interior
  • 1200 watts heating power
  • Pinpoint temperature accuracy
  • Angled rubber handle
  • Enlarged gooseneck spout
  • Built-in brew stopwatch
  • 60-minutes auto temperature hold
  • 1.0 L boiling capacity
Power Supply AC 120V, 60Hz
Rated Power 1200W
Capacity 34 oz/1.0 Liters
Temperature 104 - 212 °F
Keep Warm 1 - 60 minutes
Weight 5.3 lb / 2.4 kg
Cord Length 3.2 ft
PlugType Type-B (For U.S. & Canada)
Materials 304 stainless steel kettle body & lid.
Warranty 2 Years
Certifications ETL compliance, FCC certified
Open-Box Policy*
  • This device's cosmetic appearance may be affected by signs of use, but its performance remains unaffected.
  • 30-day limited product warranty
  • Final sale. No returns.

Open-box products are returned devices, which may have some signs of use that affect its cosmetic appearance. However, to ensure that it is in proper working order, we have sanitized and thoroughly inspected it. Additionally, the original packaging may not be included.

  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • Free shipping
  • Industry-leading warranty
60-Minutes Auto <br /> Temperature Hold
60-Minutes Auto
Temperature Hold
Plastic-Free <br /> Interior
Built-In Brew <br /> Stopwatch
Built-In Brew
Auto <br /> Shut-OFF
Boil-Dry <br /> Protection
Fahrenheit or <br /> Celcius
Fahrenheit or
Precision in Every Pour.
Unrestricted flow for unrivaled coffee precision
Making pour-over never looked so good, light the barista in you.
Making pour-over never looked so good,
light the barista in you.
Pinpoint Temperature Accuracy

Pinpoint Temperature Accuracy

A kettle with a brain. Introducing S1 PID controller for ultimate temperature accuracy. Constantly monitors water temperature and adjust the heating element to maintain your water temperature at the desired temperature.


Light Ring Indicator

Introducing the smart light ring, it is not just for aesthetics. It indicates the heating status of SAKI Baristan gooseneck kettle. Watch your water is getting to the desired temperature from further away.

See how light ring works
Temperature Hold Status

Fast Heating Time

1200 watts heating element is tuned for blistering pour over process. Your morning cups will be ready less than five minutes.


Angled Handle

Designed with 15 degrees of angle allows you to adjust your flow rate. Slow or faster pour; choose your side? Superior control over your pour - makes the gooseneck kettle weightless as you pour it.

Angled Handle
Meet First Plastic Free Gooseneck Kettle, Ever Built

Meet First Plastic Free Gooseneck Kettle, Ever Built

We removed all the plastic inside Baristan gooseneck kettle. Introducing the first plastic-free flat surface pour over kettle.

Take it slow or fast, gooseneck kettle without flow restrictor
Take it slow or fast, gooseneck kettle without flow restrictor
Slow Pour
Fast Pour

Baristan Gooseneck Electric Kettle Features

60-Min Auto Temperature Hold
After reaching the desired temperature, Baristan’s automatic hold function maintains your water temperature for 60 minutes.
60-Min Auto Temperature Hold
Built-In Brew Stopwatch
A thoughtful addition to your kettle. After heating your water, use the built-in brew stopwatch to time your brew for a perfect cup of pour over coffee.
Built-In Brew Stopwatch
Auto Shut-Off
With a built-in auto shut-off function, your kettle will stop heating when the water reaches boiling point.
Auto Shut-Off
Boil-Dry Protection
With a built-in auto shut-off function, your kettle will stop heating when the water reaches boiling point.
Boil-Dry Protection
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So far I’m enjoying the grip on the handle and the LED lights built into the base. It feels good to pour and heats up fast. Also love that the built in timer has a 5 second countdown before starting. Baristan kettle has some really cool new features to the usually somewhat repetitive kettle world.
The red led light on the kettle let's you know when it's turned on. The kettle actually has a sensor and won't let you boil when the kettle is empty.The handle has a very nice robust grippy rubber feel which will help prevent it from getting too hot.There's a timer that at first glance seems more intuitive and useable than anything else on the market.
Baristan kettle's unboxing experience is an impressive one. The design of both the packaging and the product is top-notch, but some of its features I’m especially excited to explore. It is a hefty kettle made of high-quality materials and no plastic parts. I’m excited to see how that translate to the “feel” of the kettle when pouring. A unique feature to the Baristan kettle is the smart light ring that pulses or glows steady based on the activity of the activity of the kettle. I’ve been using the SAKI Baristan electric kettle for a couple of weeks now. Visually, it’s quite aesthetically pleasing— it’s got a modern form factor with a sleek matte black finish, resting on a compact base with an informative display. It’s a joy to photograph.
Setting my desired water temperature is easy using the intuitive touch controls. I love the “breathing” glowing red ring under the kettle. It’s a fantastic visual reminder that Baristan is heating. Speaking of reminders, the kettle beeps when the water reaches temp, displaying a cute little coffee cup icon in the corner of the display— an especially thoughtful detail. It’s apparent that Saki places much care and deliberation Baristan’s design. The rubberized textured handle is easy to grip, and I really appreciate the concave thumb rest, another great design feature. When at capacity, Baristan has a well-balanced feel, providing fine control over flow rate. The spout has the familiar S-curve, but with the tip cut at a sharper angle for adjusting your pour. Needless to say I’ve had very pleasant blooms and extractions from my beans using this kettle, and strongly recommend it for your coffee bar.
When I first fired this kettle up and saw that red ring light up, it immediately reminded me of a Transformer. It's not just for aesthetics (though it looks stunning I must say!). It is a completely functional feature that tells you when your water is either getting to temperature or when it has hit your desired temp. Super cool and kinda nice to be able to see where your water is at when you're standing further away from the kettle! The unboxing experience of Baristan Kettle was great, but what better is the flow rate. Saki Baristan has such a powerful flow rate and this will allow me to agitate my coffee for a high extraction percentage. All the usages are excellent, the temperature was heating up pretty fast. I think I will keep using Baristan for a while to see what it can do! Really enjoying using the Baristan kettle. Seems very well-built and I love the black look to match the rest of my setup! The one that completed my pour over set, the SAKI Baristan kettle, it's been so easy to use and feels so nice pouring with it. Love the sleek design as well. Excited to give this new kettle a try. I like the red light when it’s heating. It’s pretty quick and doesn’t have a flow restriction. The Bartisan kettle has been great to use so far. It has great grip. It’s easy to hold, feels balanced. It pours clean, has simply laid out functions and I think it has great aesthetics. SAKI Baristan Kettle's flow speed is great as there’s no flow restrictor. The grip handle is ergonomically lovely and pleasant to hold.
The capacity is 1 liter which is larger than other kettles. The red ring that lights up to tell you if/when the water temp has been reached, this is pretty cool!
Enjoy the coffee we love every day with SAKI Baristan Electric Kettle, large capacity, fast temperature control. The packaging is so good I’d wanna leave it in the box. SAKI Baristan kettle is a wonderful product that makes your daily brew more convenient & enjoyable. Baristan kettle's design is quite incredible and it heats up the water very quickly Really like the design of the pour-over kettle from SAKI. Looking forward to using it! For good coffee times make it a SAKI time. Not to steel a line from a movie classic. But my coffee routine has been overtaken by this lovely Baristan pour over kettle.
Baristan Electric Gooseneck Kettle (Open-Box)
Baristan Electric Gooseneck Kettle (Open-Box)

86 Reviews

86 Reviews
Customer Reviews
  • David T.

    It's a well built kettle with a comfortable handle. The flow rate is easy to control and can fill quickly or slowly as needed. I like the led too. Well done SAKI.

  • Claudine L.

    We really like this kettle. The water gets hot quickly. It is easy to operate. We just wish the neck was a little bit wider, but not enough of a reason not to use it….

  • Venessa D.

    Very nice kettle. Love it.

  • Susie T.

    Happy this kettle has a place on my counter! We use it daily (sometimes twice) and appreciate that it is beautiful and high quality. Game changer...

  • Ransi S.

    Love it. Solid build and works like the description. Easy to set up and use.

  • Orly S.

    It's a little more annoying to turn it off than I'd like (you have to press juuuust the right way), but other than that I love it. Water shoots out fast, handle feels great, kettle feels stable, top fits smoothly, water heats fast, and the red light is a nice touch. Didn't like the beeping so I muted it. I just hope it lasts over time.

  • Erik T.

    Loving this stylish and simple kettle. I do wish the power button didn't need to be held for so long to shut it off. It's just easier to unplug it, but that's all!

  • JK

    I preferred SAKI to Fellow Stagg because it boils and pours faster. The red ring indicator is very useful, too. The display shows both current and target temperature. I like it very much but there is an imperfection within the kettle so I cut one star.

  • Korey D.

    Very happy thus far! Everything feels and looks vary high quality. Everything working as it should. Highly recommended!

  • Connor R.

    Easy to use, heats quickly

  • Susan S.

    Is there any way to turn off the high pitched, piercing, siren that sounds at the press of every button? (I think anyone with any hearing left would cringe in pain, but this may just be me.) Otherwise, the kettle has a finely balanced pour, even when full. And all of the other features are as advertised and make the kettle a delight to use. A big improvement over the Stagg - Fellows kettle we had previously. If you need or want a new pour over kettle this is the one! So well thought out (except for the beeps)!

  • Danielle H.

    love the look and its fast to boil.

  • Gregg B.

    Save lots of steps walking back and forth from stove and counter. Having a temperature control is perfect for pour over coffee.


    Fabulous—beyond expectations!

  • East

    I love this kettle a lot. It pours perfectly, no spilling or drips. The handle is very comfortable. It has a sleek design. But the instructions are ambiguous. I could not figure out how to adjust the temperature. I have been using the trial-and-error method to figure out the features. I really like this kettle but the instructions issue is really frustrating.

  • East

    I love this kettle a lot. It pours perfectly, no spilling or drips. The handle is very comfortable. It has a sleek design. But the instructions are ambiguous. I could not figure out how to adjust the temperature. I have been using the trial-and-error method to figure out the features. I really like this kettle but the instructions issue is really frustrating.

  • William H.

    Great quality and features. Premium product.

  • Richard F.

    Excellent kettle. Highly recommended. My minor complaint is that as I always heat to the same temperature, and when I turn on the kettle it doesn't start heating until you change temp or press the power button the second time. Also it appears that if you accidentally leave it on after pouring, which is possible, it does not just turn off and act as gracefully as it could.

  • Joy B.

    Besides heating up the perfect temp water for coffee, it also heats up the perfect temp water for formula! Fast, looks amazing and convenient! Just one question: any tips on how to clear the “No water” message without unplugging the kettle?

  • Chris F.

    Looks great and works perfectly. Heats up water super fast!

  • Victor Y.

    Quick delivery, packaging and case. Setup was easy and the quality of the kettle is excellent. Heating to temperature was a little counterintuitive, but easy after figuring it out. Made pouring alot easier. I would definitely refer this to friends!

  • Burak

    It's high quality product. Makes you use it every morning. Look beautiful in my coffee corner. Great pour over kettle for coffee addicts.

  • Daisy

    I bought it for my parents getting older and forgetting tea kettle on the stove now and then. This became a perfect solution. It is so sensitively designed to prevent any accidents. Moreover, my dad loved it a lot and took it to his table. Looking at its design and enjoying his tea in his office. My folks do no use it for coffee but it is also very useful to make tea.

  • Dan D.

    I wanted an electric kettle that could quickly and easily heat enough water for a cuppa and is virtually impossible to spill, and this delivered. I recommend it.

  • Tony C.

    It’s a great product, works as expected. Temperature control is very useful. Best for serious pour over coffee lovers.

  • Pam D.

    This is a quality kettle on the contrary to many poorly designed kettles in the market, but the instructions to use it are confusing. I tried to reach the support but they didn’t return.

  • Ray J.

    I really like this kettle. I thought about the more expensive ones before buying but then decided to buy this one. And now I am very happy with it.

  • Linda G.

    I love this kettle a lot. I was reluctant to buy it in the beginning especially because of the price but it’s worth it. The size is just ideal for tea and coffee making, not so big, not so heavy. The handle is very comfortable and provides great control during pouring over. I can make my Chemex like a pro now! Keep warm function is great. I am also very happy with the lid which comes off completely. It look beatiful, too. I really liked this kettle a lot. Highly recommend it.

  • Hanna S.

    We really like using this Saki kettle. I had a Turkish tea kettle before and I was happy with it. This gooseneck kettle is also very good. It’s for making coffee but we are using it to make tea in the office. The only drawback is that its size is small for more than four people. But it heats up the water so quickly that it is not a problem to make a second tour. Its packaging was also great, it was in an iPhone-like box. The timer is great for coffee makers. That you can choose the water temperature is also a great feature.

  • Pam T.

    It heats up very quickly. It shows the real time temperature as it heats and this is great. The design is sleek. The handle is very comfortable even for large hands. Pouring is not too slow so you can easily use it also for steeping tea leaves. The one drawback is that the auto shutoff when it runs out of water doesn’t always work. Another thing I don’t like is that you have to press + or - buttons to make it heat the water. So, it is not sufficient just to press the on button to start the heating process. I’d also prefer to have an option to turn off the keep warm function. The base is too light for the heavy cord it has.

  • Gill S.

    It’s a quality kettle. I bought this kettle to steep my tea leaves at the right temperature and it works perfectly for this purpose. The handle is very comfortable. The design is sleek. Packaging was very nice. The price is a little high but you won’t be disappointed when you see the quality.

  • Steve

    It is a cool gooseneck kettle. The design is very nice. Brew timer is useful. It heats up quickly. The capacity is good. I am planning to buy another one for my friend as a gift.

  • Ahmet A.

    We are huge fans of Saki products. We’ve already had Saki tea kettle and Turkish coffee maker at our home and we bought this gooseneck kettle as soon as we saw it on sale. It’s very efficient and works perfectly well. Setting and holding the water temperature is great. The neck provides perfect control over the pouring process. The design is so great that you don’t have to worry about spilling water.Brew timer is great, too.

  • Abe C.

    Its size, its quality is great. I bought it for the office and it is very easy to use. I am very happy with it.

  • F.P.

    This product is of high quality. Packaging is great and very impressive. The kettle is very well designed and very beautiful. Every part of it is of high quality. It has great features and is very easy to use. I am very satisfied with every part of detail of this kettle and highly recommend it.

  • Daphne S.

    It is very stylish, very good design. It heats very quickly up to the temperature you set. So you don’t have to boil every time you can adjust the temperature of the water depending on what you are going to do with it.

  • Aysel K.

    Its design is great including its box. It looks perfect on my countertop. I highly recommend it.

  • Tony R.

    It is very easy to use this kettle and set the temperature. The tip of the spout is smooth, not sharp which is good. Boils the water very fast and pours well.

  • Tina B.

    I really like the design. It feels sturdy and very easy to use. I really like it.

  • Rosemary J.

    Baristan kettle feels high quality. It’s completely made of metal, no plastic. It boils the water very quickly. You can control the temperature. Also suitable for dormitory rooms. Could be a perfect gift. Very handy.

  • Steve R.

    It’s perfect. Nice looking and high quality. Heats up the water very quickly. Can keep the water at the set temperature. I am very pleased with it.

  • Ginger L.

    It works great. Perfect design for pour over coffee. Sleek.

  • Ali K.

    It’s a beautiful kettle. I love the design very much. It’s small but fits our needs. Highly recommend it.

  • CJ

    The kettle I got was making a sound as if there was a loose bolt or a screw inside. I contacted SAKI and they replaced the kettle. The new kettle is working great. It’s very simple to use. The grip is very comfortable. I especially like the ability to set the temperature and “keep warm” option so it is always ready. It looks very nice.

  • Family A.

    It is very quick to boil the water. Very easy to use. Look very nice.

  • Rose B.

    It’s a good quality kettle and pours really well. But its handle is uncomfortable to use. The kettle is very happy so the handle design is important. The kettle is also very expensive.

  • Bill M.

    I bought this kettle because it was all stainless steelI. The package was great, it felt like an Apple-like experience. The appearance of the kettle is very nice. Everything in contact with the water is metal but there is plastic at the bottom. Heating element is over the kettle, not in the base unit to my surprise. The handle is very comfortable, the lid fits perfectly and the gooseneck spout is very well designed to pour. The kettle is really fast at boiling the water. I didn’t like that the base unit is mainly made of plastic. It’s sleek and looks nice over my countertop but plastic doesn’t go well with this highly elegant design. The display shows the current and target temperatures. Temperature can be adjusted in 5 degree increments. Power cord should be more flexible and longer because the base unit tends to move without the kettle on it. I checked the correctness of the water temperature using a separate thermometer and realized that there is a variation between the real temperature and what the display shows. If you are very keen on the exact temperature of the water, which can be very important when making pour over coffee, then you need some experience with this kettle to determine the variations. It would be unrealistic to have the exact temperature at this price level. Overall, this is a very good kettle but needs some improvement in the base unit and temperature accuracy.

  • Mike D.

    I like the design of this SAKI Baristan kettle. It is very simple and humble. It also works perfectly well and boils the water very fast. It is very easy to use. There are no accidental spills when making coffee or tea, spout and handle angels are just perfect to prevent any spill or steam burn. Ability to adjust the water temperature is another fantastic feature of this kettle since it is very important in brewing. Overall this kettle is a winner in every respect.

  • Zeena D.

    I like its sleek design. It heats up the water very quickly. Pours really well. Perfect for pour-over coffee. It’s a little expensive but worth it.

  • Sinead L.

    It works pretty well. It heats up the water very quickly and holds there. A negative side is that it is too expensive for a kettle and that the buttons are too sensitive and detect my hands even without touching so cause the settings change unintentionally. The package was really well by the way.

  • Anonymous

    This is a great kettle which takes me to the 21st century after my old one. It is elegant and well designed. It has a keep warm function which is great and turns off if there is no water.

  • Josh S.

    I like this SAKI Baristan Electric Gooseneck Pour-Over Kettle very much. It heats really fast, very easy to use and looks beautiful. There is no plastic inside. Its grip is very comfortable. You can set the temperature as you wish. I am very happy with it and highly recommend it.

  • Lea C.

    I love this kettle. It is very easy to control the pour when making pour-over coffee. I like that I don’t have to tilt the kettle so much as steam comes to my hand. Design is so effective that it doesn’t burn your hand when pouring. Water comes out smoothly. So easy to use that it comes with the instructions but you don’t even need them to learn how to use it.

  • Tina S.

    I am very happy with this kettle. Heats up very quickly. To be able to set the different temperatures is a very important feature for me to make different brews. Its design is a sleek, very nice looking kettle of high quality.

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    It looks fantastic on my countertop. It’s really a quality product with a sleek design. It heats very quickly and quietly. Pours very well. It is also very easy to clean. I highly recommend it.

  • George A.

    It is very quick to boil the water. Very easy to use. Look very nice.

  • Kate S.

    This kettle is great so I felt like I should write a review for it even though I do so very rarely. It’s powerful and hold the water at the set temperature for a while. The design is elegant. Inside is stainless steel, really high quality. I highly recommend it.

  • Dianne S.

    It’s an elegant countertop kettle. The grip is very comfortable. The capacity of 1 liter is just ideal to make coffee and tea. The light that shows the kettle is heating is much clearer than other kettles we had before. Controlling the water temperature is a great feature because that can affect the coffee and tea taste at the end. Internal timer is a convenience because we had to use a separate timer before. Overall this kettle has many convenient features and is very simple to use. It can be used both for coffee and tea and could be a generous elegant gift to any coffee or tea lover. We highly recommend it.

  • Christopher G.

    On weekends, when I have more time to drink a cup of great coffee the traditional way, I was seeking for a goose neck electric kettle for boiling coffee. This is a fantastic one. Color and style are both lovely. The ability to set and maintain a chosen temperature is a fantastic feature. When waiting 30 seconds before pouring hot water after soaking the filter with the initial drip, the timer comes in handy. The neck is thin enough to keep the pouring pace under control. It's also useful for brewing hot tea from a tea bag because it can direct hot water to the bag.

  • Taner B.

    The delivery was super fast. It is also very fast to boil the water. So I don’t have to wait long for my tea or coffee. That’s great that there is no plastic inside. I’ve recently bought this kettle but already loved it. I had Turkish coffee maker from Saki and I love their design and quality. Good job! Thanks!

  • Celine B.

    I bought Turkish coffee maker before and this Baristan kettle is my second product from Saki. I am very satisfied with both of them. The kettle is of good quality and very elegant and sturdy.

  • Joseph G.

    I chose to upgrade to the SAKI Baristan because my previous kettle quit boiling water. I was immediately upon arrival amazed by the kettle's appearance and feel after opening the box. But how does it function? Very beautifully done! SAKI Baristan maintains your preferred temperature just by laying the kettle on the base, which is extremely nice! It also warms up faster and maintains the temperature better than my previous kettle. The spout is really precise, and it pours somewhat slower than my old kettle. The pour speed is neither a plus nor a minus, but it takes no time to get accustomed to and works perfectly. The screen and button are both attractive and appear to be of good quality, and the kettle looks fantastic on my counter!

  • Joseph C.

    Everything about this kettle is amazing. Because I consume a variety of teas, I desired flexible temperature control (rather than presets). The timer is a fantastic addition. Everything tastes a lot better when boiled at the appropriate temperature for the appropriate length of time, and this kettle has increased my tea sipping experience. The gooseneck had a nice aspect to it, and the leisurely pour was relaxing. There are no rings or chimes; only lovely quiet. It's excellent!

  • Nicholas W.

    This kettle makes me so happy. I liked it so much that I took it with me to my hotel when I had to travel for work for a week. It's attractive, simple to operate, and easy to maintain, and it consistently produces the desired temperature. Not simply because of the matte black finish, but it's far more elegant than my old stainless steel water kettle. The gooseneck and base, as well as the handle design, make a big difference. When you pour, the top remains on, so you don't have to be concerned about it tipping over and pouring water all over the place. This is something I will and have recommended to others. It's well worth the investment.

  • Brandon C.

    So far, I've owned various water kettles, but none have been precise to the level that this one is. Because none of the gooseneck kettles have piqued my interest. That being said, for me, this kettle is a game-changer. I can have a lengthy product contains session and know that my temperature is exactly where I want it every time. Even when the kettle's water level is dropping. It adapts to your desired temperature and maintains it. It eliminates the need to modify my equipment for water temperature and pours. I love the kettle and would purchase it again in a heartbeat. I'm not sure how it compares to others, but it's difficult to picture anyone beating it in terms of temperature consistency or pour accuracy

  • Brian H.

    I've been such a tea-addict for a long time, but I've only lately started to dabble in the realm of fine coffee. Making pour-overs drew me in quickly (arguably the single best way to make a great cup of coffee). This kettle is ideal for this purpose. The option to control the temperature to the precise degree you wish is one of the features, as is a cleverly constructed spout that permits you to pour the coffee with accuracy (and at a perfect flow rate). If you know what you want, choosing the best product in its category is the simplest option. That is exactly what this kettle is. I'm pleased to report that the company's excellent customer service matches the service performance. They've established the gold standard for other companies to follow: well-designed, well made items backed up by outstanding customer service.

  • Anna R.

    Simply said, SAKI Baristan is as gorgeous as it is useful. This kettle, unlike others, is slim, minimal, and elegant. The kettle is much greater than I had anticipated. It feels just at home on my kitchen counter! I'm blown away by how rapidly it warms water! It feels quite solid in the hand and is extremely simple to manage. A slow, uniform pour is ensured by the handle. It's a lot more substantial than my stovetop kettle. The heaviness helps to keep the flow consistent and equal. I don't have to worry about how quickly I'm pouring because the kettle adjusts to my speed without overpouring. I also don't have to keep my other hand on the top anymore. Ultimately, this isn't just a kettle; it's a type of furniture. Simple, sleek, and useful. The directions are simple to follow, thorough, and easy to comprehend. Customer support is outstanding, with timely responses and a kind demeanor. I had a lot of inquiries before I bought something, and the happy, personable replies blew me away. If you have any issues or difficulties with an order, I strongly advise you to contact the vendor directly. Most vendors, in my experience, are eager to satisfy buyers and will go out of their way to support them.

  • Christina H.

    It has several nice features and looks beautiful on the counter. The hold feature is really useful. If you're like me and brew as much as the filter will hold instead of measuring, you may return the kettle to the base while the coffee drips, even heating up a little more water at the end (I add water to my pitcher after the filter is done). That way, I'll have leftovers for later iced coffee. The materials are superior than those found in a low-cost kettle. The exterior paint is quite attractive, and the lid is more solid than that of a less expensive kettle. On the counter top, the foundation is quite simple and inconspicuous. If you want something stylish for your counter, I recommend this. It's quite lovely!

  • Tracy B.

    Everything about this product was well-thought-out and done. I can vouch for the controls' usability, which does not fail. The spout is connected to the base by a recessed lip, which prevents steam from escaping when the water is boiling. As with most goosenecks, pouring is clean and simple. It's simple to open, fill, and clean this container. The grip is quite comfortable to hold. To set the temperature, there are simple controls. Toggle temperature hold and start a timer using discreet but no less straightforward buttons.

  • Alison W.

    In my opinion, this is the most attractive pour over kettle available. The form is nicely balanced for pouring, does not drip during pouring, and is entirely stainless steel on the interior with no silicon bits. The base is simple and small, so it doesn't take up too much space on my counter. This heating base and kettle combination proves that "less is more." The digital temperature display on the base warms up rapidly and is easy to see at a glance. I put the auto shut off to the test with a small amount of water, and it worked well.

  • Richard V.

    This tea kettle is amazing! It's great for preparing pour-over coffee, but it's also great for any other requirement for warm water. However you want, whether it's tea or oats. It also efficiently warms water. It gets high marks.

  • Arthur J.

    This is a terrific device. Simple to use, well-designed, well-constructed, and visually appealing. The ability to keep a steady temperature and the flow regulator on the interior of the kettle were two features I liked about it. If you value being able to manage as much of your brewing process as possible, the constant temperature is ideal. The flow regulator ensures a steady flow rate throughout your pour, which is crucial for regulating variables. This is the kettle for you if you want to go beyond a plain kettle and achieve an aesthetic nirvana that is above and beyond the standard.

  • Elizabeth H.

    I had my eye on this for a while and decided to take a chance. I truly adore it now that I have it, and you get what you pay for in the following ways: ● maintain the optimum temperature ● appealing to the eye ● slow pour out lightweight super rapid warming time numeric temperature rise visible in real time ● simple to clean

  • Angela V.

    This is fantastic! I've never had an electric water kettle before, but I found this one online and it's fantastic! It boils water in less than 2 minutes, is elegant, and easy to use. This is such a lovely pot!

  • Stephen A.

    I'm so glad I bought this fantastic kettle! It's of excellent quality and workmanship! It's simple to use and produces the greatest pour possible! The spout doesn't leak, and the volume of water that pours out is just right! I enjoy the hold feature since it holds the water temperature where you want it after the first cup of coffee or tea pour, preventing the kettle from having to reheat. The design is well-considered, and it looks great on the kitchen counter! Both the kettle and the handle are properly balanced. I wish I had bought this kettle sooner!

  • Wendy K.

    The inside of the kettle is smooth and shiny, with a matte black outside. It just takes a few minutes to heat the whole kettle to 205 degrees Fahrenheit, and it is quiet. I had no clue how awful my other kettles were until I poured with this one, and the pour is really exact. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the handle. For handling and pouring, I find it quite convenient. The top is great for managing your pour, so you're not placing the kettle's entire weight on your wrist. One of my favorite components about the kettle is the lid. It simply glides on and off the kettle, but it stays put when it's on. Some of my previous kettles have the worst lids, spilling water or burning you when you try to lift them. This kettle's lid is extremely easy to remove and stays cold to the touch. It's not overly light or plasticky. The entire kettle is beautifully presented and looks fantastic on the counter

  • Dennis G.

    I was concerned to spend this much money on a gooseneck kettle with various temperatures, but I am so pleased I did. It has it all...variable temperature, hold setting, quick to heat, gooseneck, AND it was the finest of the bunch! We'd been using a gooseneck stovetop kettle for pour-over for a few years and wanted better control over the water temperature (I'd frequently forget to turn on the kettle and start multitasking). This quickly warms the water, which is fantastic in the morning. When I'm multitasking, the hold feature is my best buddy. I can pour over my coffee whenever it's convenient instead of having to worry about getting it off the stovetop right away like I used to.

  • Juan L.

    Impressed with this kettle!!

  • Andrew G.

    Super easy to use! All you have to do is set the temperature and rest is handled with Saki kettle, even it keeps the water warm automatically.

  • Caitlin C.

    Great upgrade! My coffee game is level up with this kettle. Highly recommended to everyone who is looking for better quality product on their coffee setup.

  • Kendall D.

    Quality is hidden under small details. Compared the others I loved the light ring that is built under the kettle. I felt like kettle is breathing which is a small but great detail on a kettle. Very impressed with the design.

  • Luke G.

    Very impressed with the design but especially the material quality. There are so many options you can buy but this kettle worth every penny I spend.

  • Bruce Y.

    Handle is a game changer, grip of handle helped me to have more control over my morning brews.

  • Sofi T.

    I loved the kettle, super fast, quiet. Also it doesn’t take up any room and looks like a decoration rather than a kettle.