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Can I use phyllo dough instead of puff pastry?

No, you cannot use phyllo dough instead of puff pastry in the same recipe. Phyllo dough is almost paper-thin, and much drier than puff pastry which is buttered, multi-layered and thicker. Phyllo dough needs a different recipe from puff pastry since these two pastries are different from each other in terms of ingredients, texture, and cooking features such as time and temperature.

To illustrate both pastries, phyllo dough is the main pastry used in Middle Eastern recipes such as baklava whereas puff pastry is mostly used in recipes originated from French cuisine such as croissants.

What is a sausage?

Sausage is ground meat flavored with salt and spices, and then once stuffed into the scraped animal intestines, called natural casings, but now also into artificial casings made of collagen, cellulose, or plastic.

Are sausages healthy?

Since they are made of meat, sausages are good sources of protein, B-12, and iron. B-12 and iron are very essential for the production of red blood cells and hemoglobin in the body. However, sausages contain processed meat which is found to have some links with the increase in the cases of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Therefore, it is more beneficial to consume healthier meat choices available on the market. But still, we can eat sausages for its nutritional benefits as long as it is not in excessive amounts.

Are all sausages pork?

No, not all sausages are pork but most of them on the market are made from pork. However, sausages can be made with any animal such as lamb, beef, chicken, or turkey. So, if you have any dietary restrictions, then you should pay attention to the ingredients of the sausage you buy.

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sausages in puff pastry air fryer recipe

Emine Aslan January 24, 2024
Sausages in Puff Pastry Air Fryer Recipe

Summary: A moreish and healthy recipe to enrich your breakfast, or to have as a snack or school lunch. So easy, too, as it is made in the air fryer!

Tags: Air fryer puff pastry

Cook Time:10 minutes
Prep Time:10 minutes
Author:Emine Aslan
Calories: 262

Puff pastry, also called pâte feuilletée in the culinary world, is a multi-layered pastry which feels flaky and buttery when cooked. Even though it is possible to make the puff pastry at home, store-bought ones are also very popular since they taste very good as well. On the other hand, working with puff pastry sheets is easier than working with regular thin pastry leaves. So, not only their taste and texture but also their convenience to work with make puff pastries so popular and famous for the cookers.

The sausages in puff pastry recipe below is one of those easy recipes made with puff pastry. Sausages in puff pastry can be a breakfast surprise, a snack to satisfy food cravings or a school lunch. It is also a lifesaver when you look for what to make for your kid’s party. Sausages in puff pastry are so moreish that both kids and adults will love them.

Let’s move on to the recipe below to enjoy sausages in puff pastry in no time!


  • Olive oil spray

  • 10 hot dog sausages

  • 1 8-ounce frozen puff pastry, thawed

  • 1 egg, beaten with 1 tablespoon of water

  • A pinch of salt


  1. Preheat the air fryer by setting the temperature to 325°F and the timer to 3 minutes. Once you press the “Start/Pause” button, it will start warming up.

  2. Lightly grease the dehydration rack of your air fryer, or the basket if your air fryer does not have a rack.

  3. Cut each hot dog in half.

  4. Lay the puff pastry and cut it into 20 squares, close to the length of each hot dog half.

  5. Place each hot dog half on a square diagonally and wrap them with puff pastry, pinching ends to seal.

  6. Arrange sausages in puff pastry on the greased dehydration rack, or in the basket.

  7. Brush beaten egg on top of the puff pastries and sprinkle a little salt over.

  8. Open the air fryer, insert puff pastries in, and close it.

  9. Adjust the timer to 10 minutes and press the “Start/Pause” button to start baking.

  10. Bake until the pastry is golden brown all around.

  11. Once cooked, open the air fryer and transfer the sausages in puff pastry to a wire rack to cool.

  12. Serve and enjoy!

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 2 pastries
% Daily Value
Calories per serving
11.3 grams
21.1 grams
7.2 grams
51 milligrams
618 milligrams
0.3 grams

    You can add some cheese to this recipe. This will enhance the flavor as well as the nutritional value.


    Leftover sausages in puff pastry will be good to eat for a few days in the refrigerator. You should put them in the fridge within an airtight container.

    You can also freeze the leftover sausages in puff pastry but they get soggy when thawed. So, you should bake them again for a couple of minutes to make them flaky again.