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benefits of linden tea

Arda Deveci February 26, 2024
Benefits of Linden Tea


Linden tea is made by collecting and drying the fragrant flowers and leaves of the linden tree. Linden leaves blossoms at the beginning fall and the leaves often collect at the end of the fall. Linden flower, which has one of the most pleasant scents in the world due to the essential oils in its structure. The leaves of the flowers create many benefits of linden tea that help alleviate various health problems with the active ingredients it contains.

What Is Linden Tea Good For?

Linden tea is most people’s favorite tea during winter times to warm themselves. When it comes to the benefits of drinking linden tea it has many health benefits due to the substances it contains. The antioxidant chemicals in the structure of linden like flavonoids can help reduce toxins and inflammations in the body with diaphoretic and diuretic effects. In addition, essential oils in the structure of linden have a calming and soothing effect on human metabolism. As long as the consumption of linden tea is in moderation, it does not cause any health problems and can provide many benefits.

What Does Linden Tea Do? How to Use It?

Traditionally, linden tea has been used for years as a natural supplement for relieving the effects of cold and flu with the medical drugs you need to take. Another benefit of linden flower tea is that it removes harmful toxins from the body.

Linden tea is often used in respiratory tract infections to soften sore throat. It can have a softening effect on the throat, especially when it is used with honey.

Health benefits of linden tea  do not stop here. A glass of linden tea that you drink on your busy and stressful days can calm your whole body and mind. Essential oils in the structure of linden can have a stress-reducing effect on the human body.

From time to time, toxins in the body can cause bloating and pain at some points. Linden is a plant that has an edema-reducing effect just like green tea. Consuming 1 to 2 cups of linden tea a day for a few days can help you eliminate edema in your body by increasing your urination and sweating frequency.

Beyond all these effects, linden is a hot tea consumed in winter. A glass of linden you drink on snowy or rainy days can warm you from top to bottom. Although linden tea is a great natural supplement for some health problems however it is always recommended to ask your doctor about it and the tea does not have a direct curing effect on health problems. 


The benefits of linden tea are countless. Like its benefits, the drink of this tea is of the kind that gives people pleasure. In order to fully benefit from these benefits, linden must be prepared correctly and effectively. Linden, which has a very soft drink, should not be boiled directly on the fire. Add boiling water to a pinch of linden placed in a French press or tea pot and let it steep for 10 minutes. When linden gives water its yellow color, it means that it is ready to be consumed. If you want to consume linden as a supplement to diseases such as cold or flu, you can add a teaspoon of honey and a little lemon juice to your cup while serving. Thus, you brew a linden tea that will make your throats soft.