Does cooking fish in an air fryer healthy?

Fish have their nutrition, vitamins, and healthy oil. The important thing is not to make fish healthy but to keep its healthy contents. Since air fryers don’t let the air out during the cooking process, it preserves all the nutrition inside. Hence, what you have is healthy and delicious fish as a result. As an air fryer doesn’t require extra oil like deep frying, cooking fish in it is healthier than traditional methods.

Can I cook fish in an air fryer?

Yes, you can cook fish in an air fryer. There are two important things you need to take into consideration while cooking fish in an air fryer: First, you should not overcrowd the chamber. Since the air fryer functions through hot air circulation, if you put more fish than it can get into the chamber, the ones which don’t get in touch with hot air may be undercooked and soggy. Second, since fish gets cooked faster than other meat materials you need to be careful about not overcooking it.

Should I cook raw or frozen fish in an air fryer?

It is up to you if you use fresh raw fish or a frozen one in an air fryer. Keep that in mind that for a better and crispy taste you need to be sure that the frozen fish is defrosted or thawed before the process of cooking. Don’t forget to pat the fish for excess moisture. You can now cook your fish in the air fryer with your favorite recipe!

How long should you air fry fish?

It depends on the fish type and the method you use. On average, you can air fry for 8-15 minutes.

What temperature do you put the air fryer on for fish?

400 °F.

It can be less depending on the fish kind. Does fish get crispy in the air fryer?

Hot air circulation helps fish get crispy unless you overlap the fish.

Does fish need to be thawed before air frying?

It is better if you thaw your fish in the fridge one night before or you can put it into ice-cold water wrapping it so that it doesn’t touch the water for an hour.

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how to cook fish in your air fryer

Arda Deveci February 27, 2024
How To Cook Fish In Your Air Fryer

Cooking fish at home can be troublesome. It requires time to prepare and, because of the delicate nature of fish, you need to be cautious so that you don’t overcook it. It must preserve its wholeness. Needless to say, hot oil splashes may cause hard times for the cook as well. The air fryer will offer you everything you need while cooking fish.

What Kind Of Fish Can Be Cooked In The Air Fryer?

Cod in Air Fryer

It is easy to cook cod in an air fryer. For better taste, you can blend it with parmesan cheese. Keeping the codfish skin helps it preserve the juice and flavors. You can serve salad, Guatemala sauce or rice with it.

Tilapia in Air Fryer

If you like to have healthy fish for dinner tilapia is the best choice for you. It is a good match with roasted vegetables.

Catfish in Air Fryer

Catfish is a great choice for a crispy outside tender inside the fish type of meal you wish to have. You can serve salad, pasta or your favorite sauce which is good with fish. Don’t forget to have a lemon on the plate near it!

Salmon in Air Fryer

The air fryer is good news for salmon lovers as well! You can have seared edge, juicy salmon with the help of an air fryer. Garlic makes salmon extra delicious. You can serve Greek salad, beans or air-fried potatoes with it.

Fish And Chips in Air Fryer

Cod is good for classic fish and chips meals. If you want your usual fish and chips with fewer calories and with better taste, you can cook it in the air fryer. Don’t forget to air fry first potatoes than fish. Keep that in mind that air frying sweet potatoes are faster than the usual ones. Don’t forget to serve with the homemade tartar sauce and a slice of lemon!

Fish Fillets in Air Fryer 

If you like fish fillets crispy, breadcrumbs are recommended. Coat the fish with oil (preferable olive oil), and then cover it with breadcrumbs. It is ready to be cooked in the air fryer.

Fish Sticks in Air Fryer

Fish sticks are both delicious and easy to prepare. All you need to do is dip the small-cut fish first, into flour, then into the egg, and then into the breadcrumbs. It is ready to be cooked in the air fryer.

Fish Tacos in Air Fryer

You can also cook fish tacos in the air fryer. Tilapia is the best option for fish tacos. For better results, you should cult fish smaller pieces. That way it will get crispier in a shorter period of time.

Cooking Times & Chart For Air Fryer Fish

Seafood Catfish

400°F | 205°C


Seafood Fish & Chips

400°F | 205°C


Seafood Lobster Tails

375°F | 190°C


Seafood Popcorn Shrimp (Prawns)

390°F | 199°C


Seafood Jumbo Shrimp (Prawns)

390°F | 199°C


Seafood Salmon Fillets

390°F | 199°C


Seafood Crab Cakes

350°F | 177°C


Seafood Scallops

390°F | 199°C


Seafood Coconut Prawns / Shrimp

350°F | 177°C

6 - 9

Seafood Salmon

400°F | 205°C


Seafood Tilapia

400°F | 205°C


Crispy Air Fryer Fish Recipe


Cod or any other white wish you like. For having it crispy it should not be thick. Oil of your choice. Cornmeal and flour-blended. It will make the fish crunchy. You can prefer gluten-free ones if you are sensitive to gluten. Seasoning depends on your taste. You can use Cajun seasoning or if you don’t like too much flavor, just salt and grounded black pepper can be enough.


Pat the fish so that you can remove the excess moisture. It also helps to coat better. Mix cornmeal, flour, seasoning, and your other flavors in a bowl. Coat the fish with oil first and then dip each of them into the mixing bowl. Make sure every part of the fish is covered. Place them into the basket of the air fryer. Don’t overcrowd it. Otherwise, the parts that don’t touch the hot air will not get crispy. Cook them at 400 Fahrenheit degree for 8-10 minutes. Regarding the thickness, you can flip it halfway through. If it is thin flipping may cause falling off. Serve it with lemon wedges or with your favorite sauce (preferably tartar sauce).

Preheating The Air Fryer

3-5 minutes at 400 Fahrenheit degree is enough for preheating the air fryer.

Air Fryer Fish Tips and Variations 

Tips: Don’t forget to preheat the air fryer. If you use frozen fish. It should be defrosted or thawed before the cooking procedure. Pat the fish before coating. Don’t overcrowd the basket or the rack. You can use parchment or cooking paper to avoid the fish sticking to the basket. Variations: If you like your fish crunchy use panko. The smaller piece, crispier result. Cut the fish equally so that it can be cooked evenly. Use gluten-free flour or low-carb breading for a healthier meal.

Keto & Gluten Free Friendly Fish in Air Fryer

Making keto-friendly, healthy fish is easy in an air fryer (no breading. It requires only 4 ingredients. Ingredients: Tilapia Lemon-pepper seasoning Garlic powder Onion powder Directions: Mix the seasonings in a bowl. Coat the fish with olive oil. Sprinkle the seasonings over the fish. Preheat the air fryer at 400 degrees for 3-5 minutes. Place the fish on the rack. Set the time for 12 minutes. Serve it with lemon and the salad you prefer.

What to Serve With Air Fryer Fish?

Get creative with serving your air-fried fish. Here are some suggestions we love; Roasted potatoes Tartar sauce Greek salad Roasted or grilled vegetables Green beans Cauliflower rice.