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Is apple tea healthy?

Yes. Apple is a very healthy fruit full of antioxidants, fiber, and vitamin C. So, apple tea serves as an immune booster. Moreover, adding extra ingredients such as cinnamon, clove, ginger, black tea, etc., increases its health benefits.

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apple tea recipe

Emine Aslan January 25, 2024
Apple Tea Recipe

Summary: What about a refreshing and caffeine-free tea for your loved ones today? Let’s make apple tea full of antioxidants and vitamin C with the easy recipe below!

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Cook Time:15 minutes
Prep Time:5 minutes
Author:Emine Aslan

Apple tea is a type of tisane made by steeping fresh or dried apple slices in hot water. It is made only with apple or adding extra flavors such as cinnamon, cloves, or lemon slices. Apple is enjoyed as a caffeine-free alternative to other tea types like black, green, and oolong tea. It is also popular for its health benefits, as apples are full of antioxidants, fiber, and vitamin C.

We should correct a common belief on the internet about the place of apple tea in Turkish culture. Some blogs and websites talk about apple tea as having a very special place in Turkish culture. In reality, it is not correct. Apple tea is a beverage very rarely drunk by Turkish people. I should tell you that I have never been served apple tea in all the years I have spent in Turkey. However, it is usually served to tourists in hotels as a refreshing and caffeine-free tea alternative. This service in hotels may be the reason for apple tea to be known as it is very popular in Turkey and a very special place in Turkish culture.

Apple tea is traditionally brewed using a single teapot, either by steeping or simmering in hot water. However, the recipe below describes how to make apple tea using a double tea kettle. Making apple tea in a double tea kettle yields more flavorful tea warmer for a longer time than traditional single teapot brewing. You can refer to our related blog following this link to learn more about the different tea brewing methods in the world and how they affect the tea experience in terms of taste and duration to enjoy.

Now, let’s move on to the apple tea recipe below and enjoy it with your loved ones!


  • 2 fresh apples, sliced with peels (or 12 pieces of dried apple rounds)

  • 10 cups water, filtered or bottled, if tap water is of poor quality

  • 1 lemon, thinly sliced with peel or juiced (optional)

  • 2 cinnamon sticks (optional)

  • 2-3 cloves (optional)

  • Some sugar or honey for sweetening (optional)


  1. Add the water to the lower kettle and boil it on the stove.

  2. Once the water is boiled, add apples and other optional ingredients except for sweeteners to the upper teapot and pour almost 4 cups of boiled water over it. If your teapot is larger and you would like to make more tea, increase the amount of ingredients and water accordingly.

  3. Add more water into the lower kettle, put it again on the stove to boil, and place the upper teapot over it, closing its lid.

  4. Once the water is boiled, wait 10 minutes for the apple pieces to release their flavor into the water.

  5. Once the apple tea is ready, prepare the tea cups. Pour the infusion in the upper teapot into the cups. If you like lighter tea, pour the infusion halfway and then add boiled water from the lower kettle.

  6. Your apple tea is ready.

  7. Serve it to your loved ones and enjoy!


    You can add to apple tea other flavors such as star anise, ginger, nutmeg, etc. besides, or instead of cloves and cinnamon mentioned in the recipe above. You can also add black tea to make apple tea. For the recipe above, 4 tablespoons of loose black tea leaves or 4 teabags will be fine.

    If you like to serve cold apple tea on a hot day, chill the tisane and serve it in a tall glass full of ice cubes. Adding lemon juice to cold apple tea will make it more refreshing for a hot day.


    You can serve hot apple tea in traditional tea cups. Glass tea cups will be easy on the eye because you also enjoy its color. You can garnish apple tea with a lemon slice or cinnamon stick.