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Are cinnamon barks and cinnamon sticks the same thing?

Yes, cinnamon barks and cinnamon sticks are the same things. However, sometimes Ceylon Cinnamon barks are called cinnamon sticks, while Cassia Cinnamon barks are called cinnamon barks. That is because Ceylon Cinnamon barks can be shaped into thinner rolls since they are softer than Cassia Cinnamon which looks like more of a bark.

What type of cinnamon should I use to make cinnamon tea?

You should make cinnamon tea with cinnamon barks, not with ground cinnamon. There are two types of cinnamon barks available on the market: Ceylon Cinnamon, also known as true cinnamon, and Cassia Cinnamon, the most common variety on the market. It is safer to use Ceylon Cinnamon sticks to make cinnamon tea since the coumarin content in Cassia Cinnamon is much higher. Coumarin is a substance that can cause liver damage if consumed excessively.

Can I use cinnamon sticks again?

Yes. You can use cinnamon sticks several times to make cinnamon tea.

Can I make cinnamon tea with samovar?

Yes, you can make cinnamon tea in a samovar. To do so, just follow the directions above but use samovar instead of double tea kettle.

What are the benefits of cinnamon?

Below are the health benefits of cinnamon:

  • It strengthens the immune system and helps prevent the common cold and flu.
  • It is full of antioxidants, including polyphenols, and thus reduces inflammation in the body.
  • It reduces blood pressure, triglyceride, and cholesterol levels, and protects against heart disease.
  • It helps regulate blood sugar level by reducing insulin resistance in the body.
  • It has antibacterial and antifungal properties.
  • It helps induce bowel movement.

Does cinnamon tea help bowel movement?

As a natural laxative, cinnamon tea encourages bowel movement.

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cinnamon tea recipe

Emine Aslan January 24, 2024
Cinnamon Tea Recipe

Summary: Is there anything like warming and soothing cinnamon tea on these cold winter days? So grab your cinnamon tea and take a seat in front of the window. It is time to enjoy watching the falling snow outside!

Tags: Cinnamon tea

Serving:6 cups
Cook Time:30 minutes
Prep Time:5 minutes
Author:Emine Aslan
Calories: 3

Cinnamon tea is an herbal tea made by infusing cinnamon barks or cinnamon sticks. It might be made only with cinnamon or with other additional spices and black tea. Cinnamon tea is a very warming and soothing tea that is the perfect choice for cold winter days. It also improves the immune system against the winter diseases, such as the common cold, flu etc. It is very beneficial for our overall health as well.

Cinnamon is, in fact, obtained from the bark of cinnamon trees. There are numerous types of cinnamon trees, each of which yields a slightly different taste and color. However, 4 types are common in the global commercial world: Ceylon Cinnamon, Cassia Cinnamon, Saigon Cinnamon, and Korintje Cinnamon.

Of these four types, the latter three are very similar to each other, in terms of color, taste, shape, and coumarin content. These three are generally known as Cassia Cinnamon. So, it is wise to say that there are two types of cinnamon at the market: Ceylon Cinnamon and Cassia Cinnamon.

What is the difference between these two? They taste similar, but Ceylon Cinnamon sticks are softer, lighter in color, and have much lower coumarin content than Cassia. Coumarin is a substance that needs to be consumed with caution because it can cause liver damage. So, the main difference between Ceylon Cinnamon and Cassia Cinnamon is that if you use Cassia Cinnamon, you should be much more careful about the amount you intake.

Cinnamon is very beneficial for our bodies. Its benefits that come to mind in the first place are these: It is full of antioxidants and good for heart health, reduces inflammation in the body, copies insulin and thus reduces blood sugar level.

Cinnamon tea is commonly made by steeping in a tea kettle or by simmering in a pot on the stove. However, the recipe below describes how to make cinnamon tea using a double tea kettle, a traditional Turkish tea kettle. Making cinnamon tea in a double tea kettle yields more flavorful tea that is warmer for longer than the single tea kettle method. On the other hand, simmering cinnamon in a pot on the stove can result in a bitter, over-brewed tea. So, making tea in a double tea kettle is the perfect alternative to these two methods and makes up for their shortcomings. You can refer to our related blog following this link to learn more about the different tea brewing methods in the world.

Now, let’s move on to the cinnamon tea recipe below and enjoy the process of making tea in a double tea kettle!


  • Basic ingredients:
  • 85 oz (2.5 L) water (27 oz for brewing tea), filtered or bottled if tap water is of poor quality

  • 3 cinnamon barks or sticks for 27 oz (800 mL) boiling water

  • A double tea kettle

  • Optional ingredients to be added to the teapot along with cinnamon sticks before brewing:
  • 1 tablespoon black tea

  • 2-3 slices of ginger root

  • Optional ingredients to be added to the tea mug after cinnamon tea is served:
  • Some honey or sugar for sweetening

  • Small pinch of nutmeg or ground ginger

  • Some lemon or orange juice


  1. Add water to the lower kettle, and put it on the stove to boil. The amount of water should be at least at the capacity of the upper teapot since we will use this water to steep cinnamon barks.

  2. Once the water is boiled, add cinnamon sticks to the upper teapot and pour the boiling water over it. The amount of water you pour should be 27 oz (0.8 L) if you put 3 cinnamon sticks (1 stick per cup of water). If your teapot is larger and you want to make more cinnamon tea, please increase the amount of water and cinnamon sticks accordingly.

  3. Add more water into the lower kettle, put it on the stove to boil, place the upper teapot over it, and close its lid.

  4. Once the water is boiled, wait 10-15 minutes for cinnamon barks to release all their flavor into the water. You can check the taste to decide whether it is brewed sufficiently.

  5. Once the cinnamon tea is ready, prepare the teacups and pour the infusion in the upper teapot as much as you want, and then fill the rest of the cups with the boiling water from the bottom kettle. You can adjust the taste of cinnamon tea by adjusting the amount of infusion you pour into the teacups.

  6. You can add additional ingredients mentioned above to the cinnamon tea at this point.

  7. Your soothing and warming cinnamon tea is ready!

  8. Enjoy!

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1 cup
% Daily Value
Calories per serving
9.5 grams
0 grams
0 grams
0 milligrams
112 milligrams
0.5 grams

    Please keep in mind that water quality directly affects the tea taste. Cinnamon has a strong flavor so you feel less of the imperfections in the water while drinking it, but you should use quality water to make tea to get the perfect flavor.

    You can change the number of cinnamon sticks you put into the water according to your preference. The more sticks you add, the stronger the flavor becomes, and vice versa. On the other hand, you can also adjust the taste of your cinnamon tea by adding some hot water from the lower kettle to the infusion while filling the teacups.

    You can break the cinnamon barks for more flavorful tea.


    You can serve cinnamon tea in a porcelain teacup with a saucer or in a regular tea mug. It is commonly served warm, but you can also serve it as iced tea. Iced cinnamon tea is great to come to life on winter mornings.

    To make iced cinnamon tea, refrigerate the cinnamon tea after you have made it, and then pour it over ice. You can add some lemon juice for a more refreshing taste.